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  1. I develop database driven business applications since 30 years. So i have - for sure - "NO concept of what it takes to get these products built or upgraded" at all. I see that ezcam, FSUIPC, all ORBX, ATC Pro, Little Navmap, Aivlasoft EFB, PMDG 737 (only the things i own) have received an update. Many of the developed by one person. "The product works for the simulators it was released for." Yes. the simulators! Not a special version (I just ignore the 64 Bit change -what is a big change). I don´t expect my Excel going incompatible, because MS rolls out a new build of Win10. I even have Access 2.0 (released 1994) running on a 64 Bit Windows 2012 Server. That was not promised to me in 1994 (I even would not have expected it). But it is running, even without update. I understand that Aerosoft needs time to update 100 (?) products to a new version. But if " developers don't have the resources to maintain their products", and we speak of five products, than it is - at least for me - critical if the update needs 13 months, while the last major update of the main product (Prepar3D) took 18 months. If this is fine to you: congratulations, you are a very modest customer every developer will love. Many other people expect better solutions. And as jrw4 stated "In the end, we'll all make decisions on our future relationships with one or another commercial vendor.", and i dont want REX to get a bad image, because their products are really good. If available. Now i am happy awaiting the update and getting back my beautiful REX Airports HD.
  2. First: REX offers really really great software! If its available. I have to agree to both. I really understand jrw4. WWAHD was released November 2016. The current version of the simulator 4.0 was released May 30, 2017. Since then HD Airports was useless for all those who wanted to make this big step. So it was usable for them 7 months, and outdated 13 months till now. This is really a very long time for an update. I would have had no problem to pay an update fee, maybe 10 or 15 $, and get the update within 2 months, i would have liked this even more, for sure! But: REX does not charge for the update. And they - obviously - had much work with the update. I am pretty sure that they did not expect so much work when they planned HD airports for P3D v3, or even when they announced the free update for v4. I think REX has a problem at another point, and that goes to REX strategy: The communication. As jrw4 complains about the "hiding" (what is the difference to "deleting" for the users???) so do 7 other users in and i give a +1 for that. I was shocked when the "right" thread i bookmarked had gone, and no newer information was given. I thought the same like jrw4: "Uuuups, after many promises they now canceled it! That was it!" And i think REX communicates and calculates (much) to optimistic. I found the very cool REX Sky Force announcement in summer 2016. With a very cool video. There was nothing said about a release. But it was upcoming, not "planned for the distant future". So i really thought: "Is it worth buying Active Sky now?"! Can you imagine? I would have had no cool weather engine for over two years, hoping on REX Sky Force. And whats out now: That is NOT the since 2016 promised "total immersion" in big letters. I bought sky force. I started P3D with it. After 10 minutes the cloud i was admiring and just flying into, suddenly disappears. Totally! Hmpf!?!?!? 10 minutes later the next "suprise": Suddenly the whole sky changes! What?? An error? Total immersion? Sorry folks, but i can only take this as a joke. People complaining about micro stutters, and you change their whole flying experience this way? Really??? Really???? I´m glad the cool clouds are usable with Active sky engine. I know about the upcoming update regarding smooth transitions. But the smooth transitions should have been in Version 1.0. No release without it, for sure! I saw the fselite interview, with Reed announcing Environmental Force "definitley this year". I will wait. Not hoping on this year. Just wait. Until it is released. And, jrw4, if you read this: I hope you understand how sceptical i am regarding announcements of REX in between. But: I would bet we get Airports HD for v4 within 10 days. And remember: It is free! I apologize for my english. Greetings Thomas
  3. Hi rstough, last update on WWAHD 10 days ago. You now give us the release date? Maybe today, hohohaha? Someone else of the admins wrote (in an deleted topic) that there is not so much to test at wwahd, you stated that you did some updates to salt lake city. I never fly in the states, i would have had appreciated running my european standard airports since two weeks in HD, also with a "beta". Is it possible to join the insider program nowadays? Greetings Thomas
  4. ISEXZSDDC SkyForce 3D SZVSTQPSZ HD airports URKUCMFGX - REX 4 - Texture Direct (with Soft Clouds) All at the REX Store. Thanks for verification. Greetings Thomas
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