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  1. Thank u for ur Attantion, a little Info. I tryed it with Texture 4 Enhanced edition Lights, and there is the same Problem. The Taxilights would be better when disabling HDR in P3D. But the Runway in both Situation are the same round balls of light without details in a little Distance. I hope i could help u a little with this Informations greetings
  2. Hey Guys. When i on the Taxiway or Runway i always see the default light. round lightning balls.... Only when getting very close to the light is the REX light finally displayed. I know there was an old Thread about this. It is in the Section "Resolved Issue". But there is no Answer... so i have to open a new Topic to get the Info i need to solve this Issue. Here is the old Thread: https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/46423-texture-direct-enhanced-runway-lights/&tab=comments#comment-296414 This Issue is still exist and its very anoying. Please write the answer here. I have not found a Solution on google or here in the Forum geers Seralia
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