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  1. Do you mean increasing the cloud size in the mini UI? I noticed when trying to increase or decrease the dial nothing happens, but when I mess with cirrus clouds I do see them increase and decrease in size. Should I be seeing the clouds shape change when tweaking the variable?
  2. Hi there. I couldn't resolve the issue as of yet, so I uninstalled for now. Something weird is causing framerate issues and stutters. I don't think its the cloud resolution or the amount of clouds because it happens with clear skies. Also tried with HDR skies disabled. I have 12g of ram and GTX 970 card. It runs fine without REX enviroment locked at 30 fps but with it running I get 12-15. Thanks Paul Simmarket- 2036727
  3. I’m experiencing bad frame rates, especially when there’s overcast or thunderstorms nearby. Any advice in the settings menu to reduce these stutters? I’m using automation mode and also have sky force textures set to low. Frames were fine before Environment force. Thanks Paul
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