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  1. it happens only from inside the cockpit , out side view is normal
  2. hello , its again brightness from inside cockpit , this issue was solved after the last update of EF , why is it back again ? and when i try to reset to manufacturer setting through the mini UI the simulator crashed , this was after 9 hours flight at approach ( i will never forgive you about that )
  3. hello , i followed your instructions and it works , thank you
  4. hello , why the haze is the same at any time , any location and under any weather status ? , is this normal ?
  5. well , thank you , i will try and report back
  6. yes i did , and made a flight but the clouds still acting weird like in the video + the frame rates drops about 10 down with EF ( i start with automate and after 10 minutes or something the frame rates goes down and when i press reset automation the frame rates goes up again ! ) that is what i notes about the relation between EF and frame rates thank you
  7. ya , yesterday i didn't know because i didn't know what is PTA or tomato shader are ? or used for ? , but know i know after search and iam using tomato shade now
  8. skyforce version 5.0.2019.0410 and about the environment i don't know which shader , all what happened that i installed it 2 days ago and i used it just 2 times, first time nothing happened second time was today after installing the technical update 1.0.0 , the problem starts also with reducing frame rate down by almost 10 how do i know which shader iam using ? thank you
  9. hello , using both EF and SF , and clouds suddenly start to act very weird like in the video , how to fix it and which one causing the problem , EF or SF ? ( iam using SF weather engine ) 2019-05-15.mp4 2019-05-.mp4
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