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  1. I have trouble with understanding your setup, but here are few remarks: - If you use AS as weather engine, there is no need to keep Sky Force open. Please make selections for models and default cloud sets in SF, install them (models on cloud page and your set) and that's it. Is your intention to use ActiveSky or Sky Force as weather engine? - If you use EnvShade, you cannot use texture sync option in EF, please turn it off in Auto Mode (last option on the left). EF is not yet compatible with 3rd party texture tools. - The last texture tool you used in the sim will replace it's default textures, so these ones will be used in your scenario. Normally you just need to start EF, AS then P3D and make sure that EF is switched to auto mode when scenario is running. That's it, no need to do anything else, other than tuning brightness and contrast for perfection.
  2. Ok, marked as a roadmap item.
  3. It can be done by going to Settings -> General -> Enable startup in system tray. Then switch to auto mode and close application. The next start will be in the minimized form (windows 10 will give you notification additionally)
  4. EF must be running all the time when you use it together with the simulator. It can be minimized.
  5. It is better only for performance reasons. It depends on your hardware capabilities. Complex thunderstorm and overcast scenarios can be demanding in terms of hardware performance, so you need to find your personal "golden mean" here.
  6. Indeed, you need to cycle this if you changed something in mini ui, there is no way to renable auto mode from there.
  7. I believe you need to use "Reset Automation" button in this case.
  8. Ok, good. So in this case we need to have a layer above the ground with some height (random one, so you could not guess easily). I hope this will be doable for developers. For the 2nd and 3rd question, please try to use my configuration and see how it goes, it works with Active Sky and you should not have a need to recompile each time when you set your fog layer. When you set it this way, you should see that in Mini UI, Fog Mode will change itself to Auto. It is a developer version in my case, we are still working on one fog-related issue, but even in latest general EF release it should work better for you.
  9. @beto1 ENVIRONMENT FORCE is not supported for FSX.
  10. Easiest way is to restart P3D. Mini Ui is then loaded with default values.
  11. Close to Austrian border, these 2 big structures morphed in front of me - normally they would pop up in one second, all looks ok so far... Finally you can see TURBU from here:
  12. Half way to TURBU, Austrian weather station kicks in... Clouds start morphing: No preset, all default values.
  13. Munich, 17:50 UT C RWY 8R, taking off now... At threshold of RWY 26L: Turning south:
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