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  1. Hi, no, with latest Beta I had access to it was the same. The 2 screens that are working, are on one graphic card (no. 1). The left screen is on another graphic card (no.2). In addition, on Graphic card 2 there is a display connected, that serves as Windows main display for system maintenance. P3D Viewgroup is not asigned to this display. Thanks for your efforts. Michael
  2. Hey, unfortunately no change with latest official release 5.0.2019.0625. The software is still useless for me. Obviously works only on one graphic card here. Please try to find a solution. Regards Michael
  3. Hello, tries the latest build 20190604.2.0.0. It is a bit better. However: - The mini UI is always on the middle screen and can not be accessed anyhow. - the left screen now is missing clouds, BW sky and has partly black terrain. Best Michael
  4. Hey, now installed p3d 4.5. deleted all shaders in folder, installed EF again, started before P3D, view 2 and 3 black, sky grey, no clouds, ORBX ground black, see image below. Skyforce is installed too but not started. Does EF use the textures of SF without having SF started ? SF is installed in in programs folder while EF installed in p3d folder. Help please. Regards Michael
  5. Thanks for your reply. I have a fixed based 737 SIM with a 3 projector 210 degree visual. For warping and blending Immersive Display (Fly Elise) is in use. P3D v4.4 with viewgroup management. There are 3 views defined in the viewgroups.xml. After installing EF only the Left view shows the environment. Middle and right are black. P3D menue is still displayed on the middle view. SkyForce is installed, but not started when EF was in use. Shaders have been deleted, no change after restart. After uninstalling EF and using SF again, no clouds and partly black terrain. Deleting the shaders again helped and everything is as before. My guess: I use 2 graphic cards TitanX (first generation). The EF shaders work only on one graphic card with the left projector connected and not on the second card, where projector 2 and 3 is connected. Let me know please, if you need more information. Michael
  6. Hey, installed newest version of env. force. First it worked. But after next start, view 2 and 3 where blacked out. No chance to recover. Uninstalled and views where ok again. REX skyforce was not running at the same time. 3 projectors, Immersive display pro, p3dv4.4 Regards Michael
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