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  1. Hey, can I get some support on this? Either that or a complete refund?
  2. Updated to most recent build of EF (5.0.2019.0517) and it still won't recognize SF3D over the network. Any idea on when this will be fixed?
  3. Just to update: Newest version of SF3D installed, but I am still unable to get EF to recognize SkyForce over the network. EF doesn't throw any error messages when I point to SF3D in a mapped drive, but that's as good as it gets right now. SkyForce continues to function properly over the network, injecting clouds on its own.
  4. Using Environment Force in a network. I have EF installed on my P3D/Server PC with SkyForce installed on a client machine and I continue to get this message "Texture Product - Not Found! We were not able to find any active texture products installed." My permissions are all set up (I've been running networked for quite some time, with SF3D, AS4, and other apps), AV is off, firewall open, etc. I have EF pointed to the SF3D main folder on my client PC, but it won't recognize it for some reason. If I restart EF, the Sky Force 3D field will then be blank, with no path to the program.
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