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  1. Ok I'm new to the add-ons portion for fsx. I have a couple questions as to what sequence I need to run what software and also if I need to select fsx in-game weather download. I currently have been running TD/enhanced with world wide Apts and just purchased the SF/3D. What order do I need to open which software as I've been doing T/D then apts WW. 2nd once I open fsx:se do I still click on the in game weather tab and change it to download current weather. Sorry if this is somewhere else I've tried searching but I guess just typing in wrong keywords.
  2. RaeX4 texture Direct (steam store) REX skyforce 3d (REX store) order #YIXAACJGX REX world wide airports HD (REX store) order #PPQPDKWGK
  3. REX Order Number PPQPDKWGK Worldwide Airports and Texture Direct Enhanced Edition bundled with FSX on Steam
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