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  1. caleb1

    ANSWERED New Software

    SkyForce will replace Texture Direct as far as cloud and sky textures. But texture direct includes thing like water and runway textures and wave animations that SkyForce does not have.
  2. caleb1


    Ok. Thanks.
  3. caleb1


    What classifies someone as a "valued supporter"?
  4. caleb1

    ANSWERED Gravel HD for Texture Direct

    I also think this would be great for Texture Direct to have a gravel texture. Thanks Exactly...
  5. caleb1

    Winter Runway Texture

    I would also like this. Thanks.
  6. caleb1

    REX Screenshot Contest

    I posted this in the general discussion but I figured that was the wrong place so I am posting it here: Is there a possibility that REX could have a regular screenshot contest like Orbx does? Thanks.
  7. caleb1

    REX SKY FORCE 3D Possible to add water spouts

    It would be quite interesting to have these...
  8. caleb1

    Support Verification

    REX Texture Direct w/ Soft Clouds Enhanced - RIWPFXTDR REX Sky Force 3D - FSQVAMRTJ Both were purchased at the REX store. Thanks