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  1. Is this the case at all airports or only one?
  2. All of those airport elements seem default. I think there is something wrong with your installation of worldwide airports HD. Try a reinstall of WWHD.
  3. +1. I have Windows 10 Home (I think) and it runs fine. Maybe it just doesn't like pro. I wonder if anyone else is running REX TD in Win 10 Pro.
  4. If I install cloud textures in TD then install the cloud textures with SF3D after I install the sky textures with Texture Direct I will see the SkyForce ones correct?
  5. If you do install cloud textures in TD or Essentials then reinstall the cloud textures with SF3D after you install the textures with Texture Direct or REX Essentials, and then the SF3D cloud textures will overwrite the TD or Essentials ones.
  6. REX SkyForce3D does not add change water textures. You need REX Texture Direct or REX Essentials for that.
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