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  1. I don't think it has been released yet, but there are two ways I think (once it is released): 1. Reinstall Skyforce 2. Let SkyForce update automatically I'm not sure if either of these work but @rstough can clarify.
  2. Is this released to the public yet?
  3. Thanks for releasing the hotfix. The above bug I did experience, and I had no idea what it was. SkyForce would have been my last guess but thanks so much for fixing it. Is attention going to be focused on Weather Force now?
  4. If I understand correctly they are not released to the public yet unless you are part of the insider program. @rstough said above that they plan to have it released to the public within a week.
  5. Yes, I am also interested in knowing everything the above post asks. Will TD w/ SC totally be unused if we have Environment Force? If so, what does Environment Force have that TD does not? And if I have SkyForce, what is there that WeatherForce will have that SF does not? Thanks.
  6. ANSWERED Gravel HD for Texture Direct

    I also think this would be great for Texture Direct to have a gravel texture. Thanks Exactly...
  7. Winter Runway Texture

    I would also like this. Thanks.
  8. REX Screenshot Contest

    I posted this in the general discussion but I figured that was the wrong place so I am posting it here: Is there a possibility that REX could have a regular screenshot contest like Orbx does? Thanks.
  9. REX SKY FORCE 3D Possible to add water spouts

    It would be quite interesting to have these...
  10. This is what is happening to me in Sky Force 3D as well. Is it supposed to be this way in Sky Force? Thanks
  11. I have a question: When it is said that the weather injection is not working in P3D v4, what exactly does that mean? The weather injection is not injecting at all? Weather injection injecting the wrong weather? I wanted to ask so I could be sure mine is working correctly. Thanks.
  12. Does anyone know what Weather Force will have that SkyForce does not? And does anyone know if Environment Force and Texture Force going to be replacements for Texture Direct? Thanks.