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  1. We are waiting for TU 2.2 then after that creative update 1 (which is the big one with weatherforce) Is this correct? Right now I can't even get 2.1 to work. the textures crash P3D v4. I'm awaiting support in the other support forum.
  2. Any update? I'm looking forward to the smooth weather transitions coming in Creative update 1 after TU2.1
  3. I see. So EFs weather smooth transition API is the same as the one that will be used in Skyforce. That answers my questions. Thanks
  4. Thanks, this makes better sense now. One more question if you don't mind. 🙂 When in comes to the weather engine (cloud forming and morphing) will weather force (the free skyforce update) be any better/worse than the weather engine in environment force? Thanks
  5. This could very well be the case. You are probably right. Clarification from the REX developers would be helpful though.
  6. Ok I found the thread containing the info about a weather engine...... It looks like it will be a more of a free update to SkyForce not generically another addon... https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/49081-weather-force-news-updates/ But my question is, exactly how will these products work with each other? My understanding of it is (correct me if I'm wrong): 1. Skyforce is a sky/cloud texture addon 2. Weather force will be a weather engine only. (to work in conjunction with skyforce) 3. Environment force will be a.... a) shader tweaker b) a sky/cloud texture addon c) a earth/water texture addon d) a weather engine e) an addon basically replacing (by doing the same things as) skyforce, weather force, and Texture Direct combined. So would environment force be basically putting skyforce and texture direct users's $50+ USD spent on those addons to waste if we want to buy environment force? In my opinion environment force should be a free, or highly discounted, addon only for those who own skyforce and texture direct. EDIT: or will environment force include sky textures etc but they will not be as good as skyforce's? Therefore making skyforce's textures still significant? It would be amazing to have an in sim video of changing between which REX addons are used so we could get a good and confident feel as to exactly how these products work with each other. Thanks, Caleb
  7. That's what I'd do. Only problem is I already have Texture direct! But still I will consider environment force. I hope its free though. (for skyforce customers)
  8. If I understand correctly, yes, environment force will replace Texture Direct. But not sure about skyforce. An explanation as to exactly what each product does would be great! @rstough
  9. Wasn't there a plan for a weather engine application? If I recall correctly it was going to be a free addon for Skyforce users..... has this plan since been changed? as i can't seem to find anything on the forums regarding this. or is enviroment force going to include an weather engine and it be the free addon for skyforce users?
  10. SkyForce will replace Texture Direct as far as cloud and sky textures. But texture direct includes thing like water and runway textures and wave animations that SkyForce does not have.
  11. What classifies someone as a "valued supporter"?
  12. I also think this would be great for Texture Direct to have a gravel texture. Thanks Exactly...
  13. I would also like this. Thanks.
  14. I posted this in the general discussion but I figured that was the wrong place so I am posting it here: Is there a possibility that REX could have a regular screenshot contest like Orbx does? Thanks.
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