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  1. Hello All,

     I have finished building a brand new computer system just for my FSX and addons. You can see from my sig line below all the things that I run with FSX.

    I am having a OOM issue now with high detail scenery,ORBX, and PDMG, and Aerosoft aircraft. I have tried taking my sliders back a bit, limiting my LOD to 4.5 miles. 

    I can fly a little further but i still get the Win 10 machine dinging at me indicating an OOM issue. I finally get an alert telling my to close FSX due to OOM....

    I am using 1024 x 1024 textures in SF3D so i am hardly eating anything there i assume (which i could be wrong).. 

    One thing I have seen is that i run Ultimate Traffic Live. My commercial traffic is set to 9% and my general aviation is set to 3%.

    I pulled up the Task Manager to look at resources being used and i see that FSX along with UT Live is closing in on 4 GB... What is wierd is that UTL is nearly 1GB by itself so i am wondering if i should just flat out kill that program and freeing the resource up?




  2. Hi All,

      I installed SF3D last week and have been running with it for some time. I use ASN as my weather engine and have the one in SF3D turned off.

    My question is, I am seeing clear skies ahead and then within a mile or so , these big cumulus clouds magically appear. I would expect these clouds to be drawn much, much further out as my A/C travels towards them. They seem to popup out of nowhere. Any clues how to rectify this?





  3. Hi all,
    Now that I have finally got REX SF3D installed, i am trying to configure it for a "network' setup for weather engine.

    I have my main FSX box running FX and SF3D. On another computer that is networked to the main one, ASN (Active Sky Next).

    Before installing SF3D, I had REX 4 Textures installed and the system setup worked great then. 

    Now that I have SF3D installed, do i have to do anything else to configure SF3D other than just turning off the internal weather engine?

    HOw does SF3D find the data need from ASN?







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