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  1. REX Store REX 5 - Worldwide Airports HD Order Number: ZQZSMLTGH Thanks, Almedin
  2. Hello, I want to buy REX 5 Worldwide Airports HD and I saw on the site http://www.rexworldwideairports.com there is a additonal 20% discount for previously purchased REX products? Where I can find the code? There is a also 20% discount code on fspilotshop. I purchased the two REX products from REX store: Sky Force 3D and REX 4 TD EE with Soft Clouds. Thanks Almedin
  3. Request for verification: REX Shop REX Sky Force 3D Order Reference DXODEJMBD - placed on 10/06/2018 REX 4 - Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - Enhanced Edition Order Reference ZSWDNJNAL - placed on 10/03/2018 Thanks! Regrads, Almedin
  4. FSX: Steam Edition - REX 4 Texture Direct Enhanced Edition Add-On from Steam Order number: 1469730954376679769
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