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  1. This is good news..hopefully you find the reason. I checked again last week if it might work with vanilla VR, which it does, but unfortunatly vanilla VR has too many short comings for me. This means currently for me that I have to choose Flyinside over EF, but I hope you get it sorted out and I can enjoy both together
  2. Is it possible that enviroment force does not work with virtual reality? For Simming I only use VR and now since I installed EF, my Oculus Rift is not working anymore with Flyinside-FSX. I also tried to activate the P3D VR mode, but I cant find the option in the menu either. I bought this Software, because it says right at the homepage "works with every addon", which is right now not the case for me. I just had to deinstall the EF to get my Sim working again like I am used to. Questions: - Did I do something wrong, or is VR currently not supported (with flyinside)? - When no, will it be supported in the future?
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