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  1. Hi Federico. Yes I will let you know saturday after i got home again. Regards Marcus
  2. Saturday 20pm german time? I can be online. Regards Marcus
  3. I did already to builds ago for exact the same issue. I wrote an excel with requirements for you and I peoposed to meet him saturday because I could not met him earlier as I am busy at my work with several roll outs.....but I didn't get a reaction from him on my proposal. regards Marcus
  4. Yes I know Reed. Thanks anyway for that work around. What makes me mad is that your colleagues are keep asking if it is solved. Then when the users don't react in time they would close the issue without fixing it? That is how it seems to me. Why they ask if you should know as a company that there wasn't a fix for it? Something seems not to work well on your tracking reports. Maybe you, Reed, can optimize the communication a little bit? This is kindly asked and not a rude statement. But I really think this would help to get trust from your customers. Thanks for reacting and making it transparent again (I am a Project leader, Product Owner amd Scrum Master from profession......) transparency always helps. Best regards and looking forward to a fix. Marcus
  5. Look here...still having a issue too. I asked Federico to do an online session to show this one (again). Absolutely a blocker to me. If this isn´t getting solved, I willed uninstall the REX products and stay by HiFi and PTA. Not why I am angry, just because they have 3 issues reported from me to this, also 2 builds ago I had this problem. They seem to have deleted my previous issue forms. Regards Marcus
  6. This issue isn´t resolved or did you guys bring out a fix for it? I contacted Frederico for an online session this saturday to show him what is going on. Also I reacted to a other topic with the same issue from another user an stated over there that is isn´t solved. So please leave it open. I can´t understand why this is such a little mess in your forum and topic list. Also I filled out the beta tester form and described the issue. What do I have to do else to make clear that this blocker isn´t solved? I am really getting irritated by this way. Regards Marcus
  7. In my case the issues exists. The latest build did´t had a release note part to solve this problem. So why would it be solved if it is reported due several users and REX did not release a patch to solve it? Please leave this as an existing issue till you rollout a release incl a fix for this one. Regards Marcus
  8. Thanks Reed. This is a important fix. Great to read. Regards Marcus
  9. I have this issue too. And i reported it right now at the beta Build connect Forum and the previous version 0625 also. But no one worked on this issue. Federico has seen it online by teamviewer. Also happens if i use the new button in the mini ui beta version Lightning Values ON. ( first line on top of the mini ui). Very irritating it isnt solved. There are more tickets right now reporting this issue. Also at the connect section. Regards Marcus
  10. Try uninstalling and reinstalling REX SF3D. I updated REX EF Patch and I had several issues (Rectangle Clouds, Grayish Clouds, etc.). After I did a full and clean install of REX EF 0625 Build I reinstalled REX SF3D and all went fine again. Regards Marcus
  11. I solved it by uninstalling and reinstalling REX SF3D after I downloaded and installed the newest REX EF ...0625 Build. Just updating the newest Patch didn´t worked proper for me. Just updating occured Rectangle Clouds, Grayish clouds, pumping clouds, etc. Regards Marcus
  12. I had this problem too. I solved it by uninstalling REX SkyForce 3D and reinstalled it again. I did this AFTER I downloaded the newest REX EF Build incl. the new Patch Build Ending on...0625 and installed this one. It seemed to me just updating REX EF does not work proper in my case. Maybe it works for you too. Let me know. regards Marcus
  13. Hi Guys. Now I got rectangle cloud issues too and quick up and downscaling clouds like already others have stated and reported. Never had this issues before. Latest Build today installed. Now other shaders. AS4 Weather with REX EF and REX SF3D (turned off). This is really not good guys. These rectangle clouds I had never before. I doen´t change anything with playing Weather smoothing on or off or reading weather data. Need help. After weeks of testing I am thinking about using PTA again. It seems more stable. Regards Marcus
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