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  1. Aspirany

    Historical weather

    thx answered. closed.
  2. Aspirany

    Historical weather

    Dear timest999 thank you for your fast answer, great news Is there any idea when will come ? Best Regards Attila
  3. Aspirany

    Historical weather

    ok how can I use that weather data in sky force 3d ? For simplier where is the check box in skyforce use the historical weather? for example real time is 16:30pm but I want fly 10:30 am in simulator. Thx for your help Best regards Attila
  4. Aspirany

    Historical weather

    Dear Team! Is there any chance to historiacal wether? like As2016 Sync to flight sim time. Best Regards Attila
  5. Aspirany

    Support Verification

    posting for verification skyforce3d REX site via order from paypal Order Reference NIUCDPWPZ - placed on 01/07/2018