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  1. Im using my custom TS preset to fully suport EF. If ure allready using it, then its not a issue with the preset itself and something else causing this since that preset doesnt have any kind of shader mods exept for the fuselage reflection.
  2. 1.0 or 1 makes a difference when it comes to programming and yes, this value of 1.0 made the vc go monochrome. Possible reason is that the search algoritm rules in the code didnt see the 1.0 value or sees it wrong - (pure speculations!)
  3. To make the process even simplier for you I created a preset, simply download and apply in TomatoShade, just make sure ur on the v29 Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/490tycvgduyovar/Chris.O_-_Tomato_meets_Environment_Force%5Bv4.4_v4.5%5D.rar/file
  4. Hey m8! Wrote to u on both FB and email.. need my activation limit to be reset hehe :P

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