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  1. Yes, I confirm that I use the version 5.0.2019.0625.
  2. I tried doing a sync of clouds and textures via EF in manual mode directly from the program interface, but the program crashes and closes.
  3. I think I can do it even if I've never tried it because I should run the sim in window mode. I generally use a community preset without making changes without having the mini ui
  4. Hi rstough, thanks for reply. I confirm, I carry out this procedure precisely: 1) I run EF with the preset I want to use 2) I run Sky Force with the preset I want to use 3) I run Active Sky 4 for the weather engine 4) I run the sim (P3D 4.5) Thanks.
  5. @timest999 Hi timest999, do you have any solution to solve my problem? Thank you.
  6. I confirm that the "REXModules" folder is present in the main Prepar3D folder. I attach the files present in the "REXModules" folder. Thank you.
  7. I confirm that I also tried using the option you suggested but I don't see the Mini UI. I have also tried to uninstall and install from scratch EF but the Mini UI does not appear inside the sim. How can this problem be solved? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have installed the latest version but I still don't see the mini UI, how can I solve it? In doing so I can not make full use of the program. Thanks.
  9. I tried but it doesn't work. Which .dll file do you mean exactly to make P3D re-create? Where is the .dll file? Does the .dll file create itself by starting the sim? Once deleted, do I have to reinstall the various addons (eg PMDG, Raasproo, etc.)? There is no other way to view the Mini UI? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I'm currently using the latest version (5.0.2019.0517) of Environment Force but I don't have the Mini UI on the screen to edit the shaders directly in the sim. Is there any option to activate or a particular procedure to get the Mini UI interface? Searching in the settings I didn't find anything and I don't know how to solve the problem. I use P3D V.4.5 with Windows 10. Thank you.
  11. Ok thanks for the answers. I will try to download the complete executable from SimMarket and install it. Best regards.
  12. Hi, I currently own REX Worldwide Airports HD but I have not used it since I had FSX. Currently I use P3D4.3 but never installed the program not being compatible. Following your news on the product I saw that the Technical Update 3 is available that makes compatible Worldwide Airports HD with P3D4.3 How should I proceed to install the program? Downloading now the version I bought from SimMarket already includes the Technical Update 3? Or do I have to install the program first and then the Technical Update 3 using P3D4.3? Thanks for the support. Best regards.
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