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  1. I already did twice no answer, okay I#ii trie it again
  2. Hallo, I bought REX 5 Envirement Force for P3D, but when I want to download and install it, I get a message Serial number can`t be accepted. Any help? Greetings Bodo
  3. No, i´m not using UTx. Now i found out, that the problem only occurs on Terminal 1, on Terminal 2 everything is ok.
  4. how can I check for double AFCADs? I checked the scenery.cfg and there are only the 3 entriesfor taxi to gate Munich. I just found, the problem occurs only at terminal 1 The rest works fine.
  5. I checked it, but still the same Problem. Here a picture. Maybe somebody can help. By the way, the jetways wont work also. I got a message gateway to far. Greetings Bodo
  6. I have the same problem, WWA textures,gateways in the air etc.
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