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  1. Thank you for the prompt reply. Please close this topic as I have fixed it. For some reason (?), the installer has installed the FSX Steam version of the gauge and module. I manually replaced those files with their FSX Acceleration version - found in the main WX Advantage Radar folder - and everything looks fine now. btw, my FSX version number is 10.0.61637.0 (FSX-Xpack 20070926-1421). Best regards,
  2. Hi there, I just purchased WX Advantage Radar from Simmarket (order #1972231) and installed it into my FSX+Acc system (on Win7/64). When I start FSX, I get an error message "MV_WX.dll incompatible with this simulator" and if I try to power up the weather radar of the MaddogX then FSX crashes. The MV_WX.dll version I have in my "Gauges" folder is 1.12.40 (product version) and (file version). Would you please help me get this gauge working? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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