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  1. @clive6354 I was just thinking the same thing. If everyone would just sign up for the release email this thread would be full of a lot less anxiety.
  2. Folks... I would suggest checking out the REX Simulations facebook page. @rstough has been extremely communicative and answered many of the questions posted on this forum. They are currently running a campaign on their facebook page where if you use the hastag #AskSkyForce your question will be answered. Check it out!
  3. @Aviara1985 I don't see why it wouldn't work with Envshade just injects either high performance or high quality shaders (depending on your preference) into the sim. I think the real issue you would run into is more along the side of Envtex when trying to use the sky/moon/cloud textures while simultaneously trying to use Skyforce since these options are also available for selection in Skyforce based upon what I read on their website. Since Skyforce supports the use of PTA (assumingly coming with its own set of presets) you could toggle between Skyforce with PTA OR Skyforce with EnvShade shaders on the ENVDIR software.
  4. Wow, just spent the last 30 minutes on the website and the product looks extremely impressive. I absolutely love that you guys have taken the time to account for the nuanced differences that your customers have from a performance aspect with their pc's. The customization and risk reduction options alone of OOM's and blurries should really make this a positive investment. Really looking forward to putting your product through its paces. Now the inevitable question arises. Is there a date in which your team is planning for the product release date announcement?
  5. Yes! Definitely excited to hear what the news is for today
  6. Definitely appreciate the updates from @rstough over the last week. Just curious if there were any new developments since the potential Release Candidate version was sent to testers over the weekend? I keep checking back and didn't see an update on Monday. Also, @gr8whitehype I definitely don't think their marketing is bad and hopefully my suggestion wasn't taken as a critique of their current marketing strategies. Just offering an idea that occurred when thinking of an innovative/creative approach to marketing this product around the holidays.
  7. Just an idea for the REX team. If you are truly considering a December release (assuming the next round of testing goes well) how about a marketing campaign called "The 12 Days of Skyforce". Where each day you introduce a feature of the Skyforce application. I've seen a few developers really utilize their youtube/social media platforms in a really interesting way to hype up their product prior to release, and this approach would definitely answer a lot of questions that people have while simultaneously building anticipation before release. Just a thought , and Happy Holidays to the team and testers!
  8. Emmeth in all due respect I'm not sure that assertion adds any value to the conversation occurring on this forum. I've haven't seen/heard any rumors about the project being cancelled. I think that since the product is still listed on their website AND that if they truly in the "pre-deployment" phase then it would be a monumental waste of resources/time/money to cancel the product at this point and don't see that as being a feasible option for a studio the size of REX. It may be worth noting that their twitter account states that they will be at the OVPA conference this Saturday. Perhaps they will formally announce the product then (hence the silence). Given that the deadline has been missed by almost 48hrs it would be nice to at least hear something from the devs as the tone on the forums as of late has recently gone down the drain. Much like other people have said, continually to stoke people's excitement and anticipation with "we're getting close" and "hang in there" is not really an effective marketing strategy.
  9. Yeah a late Monday update could be very good or very bad. In the past what I've seen from developers /companies one of the following; They are either in the final stages of their marketing campaign and it just makes sense to roll out the reveal rather than provide another minor update OR... Probably more likely...over the weekend testers/development team members found something problematic that needs to be addressed and would result in the product needing to go through another round of testing etc. I will say though, after following this thread since it first started back in December 2016 the timeliness of the updates from the social media team have been a disappointment. I know that we are all in different timezones and that obviously things happen on the development/personal side which may prevent the developer from meeting a deadline. However, when I'm late on a deadline at work and don't notify my client/audience that there is a delay on my end I can reasonably expect them to be a little frustrated or upset. This is easily the double edged sword of conflicting values when a developer comments about products in development; timeliness vs. transparency. The great conundrum which results in many developers choosing to elect not to comment on a product in develop and adopt the stance; "Its done when its done" REX consistently has developed some really high quality products and I appreciate how much love and care they put into their work. I know you guys are doing your absolute best to deliver something you can be proud of and I thank you for all that you do for our wonderful flightsim community.