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  1. here are files you wanted.as for pc specs,amd gpu,1tb ssd,32 ddr4 ram,water cooler,amd cpu ,it looks ok in p3d but has some problems refreshing weather,and weather is not what it is outside,off by quite a bit,do i reinstall?why dont it go to p3dv4 in general settings this by the way is how it installed .when running it switches to fsx not p3d.no fsx has been installed on this pc,steam or otherwise.cant figure it out.any help appreciated do love you stuff have for 2004 and other overdrive. backuplogp3d1.txt installlogmodels.txt installlogtheme.txt
  2. In the settings it shows version 4 grayed out and will not turn on,it shows version 3 turned on for some reason.but it will not inject weather into p3dv4.even that it shows up in auto weather. i have p3dv4 and skyforce and airports and wx radar installed all works except default version p3d and wont inject weather.pc-w10,1tb ssd,32 ram,amd gpu new big dont know model offhand. any suggestions??
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