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  1. Yes, sorry, I'm on Windows 10 Pro 64bit Yes i 've install Fall Creator's Update
  2. Name of the failed application rextexturedirect.exe, version: 4.7.2017.814, timestamp: 0x59924226 Faulty module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.16299.15, timestamp: 0x2cd1ce3d Exception code: 0xc000041d Error offset: 0x001008b2 Failed process ID: 0x24c4 Default application start time: 0x01d35c9fb34348f0 Path of the failed application: C: \ REX Texture Direct \ rextexturedirect.exe Faulty module path: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ KERNELBASE.dll Report ID: 90edfcd4-a993-41b3-9f99-e55635956b26 Full name of the failed package: ID of the application relating to the failed package:
  3. ========SYSTEM / OPERATING SPECS======== 1.) Windows Operating System: WIN10 2.) Antivirus/Malware Software: AVIRA 3.) Firewall Software: WINDOWS FIREWALL 4.) Flight Simulator Platform: P3V4 (I suppr all old fsx files) 5.) Drive/Folder location where flight simulator installed: F:\Programmes\Prepar3DV4 6.) Drive/Folder location where REX software installed: C:\REX Texture Direct 7.) Do you have UAC (User Account Control) set to "never notify": Yes Thanks for help
  4. Hello, I purshased REX4 TDEE and install it, but when i try to lauch REX, it crashed immediatly. Thank for help !
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