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  1. First i followed this thread to get infos when updates of the devs are posted. Now i unfollowed this thread because 95% i get are notifications about "ARE WE THERE YET? WHEN? ARE WE THERE YET? WHEN?" posts. @REX: next time make an announcement forum read-only.
  2. The problem lies in your simulator, not in EF. Not possible as FSX is too limited.
  3. I know what you mean. But there are tens of thousands users who use it exactly as that: as a personal/consumer product. And LM are pretty aware of that but do just "ignore" it. Like they ignore if you buy the 54 USD academic licence which is "only for students" when you are not one.
  4. If HD-addons like SkyForce would run with FSX you will run faster in an 32-bit OOM as you can say "why i haven't switched to P3D 64-bit?"
  5. yes. They will make it buyable as soon as the time has come.
  6. I'm wondering how you come to this conclusion, i've never read a statement in this direction. FSX/FSX:SE is in my opinion an 32bit dinosaur which is kept alive artifical and just binding developers resources for modern sims like P3D and XP.
  7. Maybe because FSX doesn't support shader tweaking on the fly, so how do you think they should make this to work on FSX?
  8. Have you bought SkyForce there? It was clearly noted that you have to buy EnvironmentForce where you have buyed SkyForce to get the discount.
  9. For heavens sake, plz make this "NEWS" threads read-only!
  10. And because of this constand whining shiat have the most devs stopped to say ANYTHING about their upcoming products. So, you sissies: thx for nothing!
  11. And again i get three useless emails from forum threads i subscriped to to not miss IMPORTANT infos.
  12. Your crosspost won't help. I guess they wait for the official announcement for P3D 4.4.
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