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  1. So I have been battling the high cpu usage issue. One thing I have noticed is that when my CPU pegs at 100% SQL server is using 20-30. I was trying to figure out what was using this and from other posts it appears to be EF, since I saw a post with a download link from RSTOUGH for SQL server. Is this normal? Anyone else with high CPU usage, can you confirm this on your end?
  2. Yes, with every aircraft including default (I only have the robinson as default). If I do not run EF CPU usage appears "normal". That would mean that, in my case, I would be running P3D, AS, SmartCars, and Swift Client.
  3. Hmmm..I only run EF in auto mode. I just read this and shut down the sim...let me check the xml....brb yep it's there....i am totally confused now....I must have been in manual mode when I closed it at the time.
  4. that must be a new feature i never saw...It appears to remove the dll.xml entry if you exit EF allowing you to start P3D without the gui error....nice...
  5. Ok, as an update, AFTER i start EF, there is a DLL entry in programdata dll.xml......did something change, I am pretty sure that that was there all the time before not just when EF was started.....
  6. I have a reason to want to diable EF on a new install of P3D for testing. I have looked into the dll.xml in both programdata and appdata and do not see any entry in either for Environment Force. Yet when I start EF and then the simulator I see the gui and mini gui.....Should this be possible. I reinstalled Windows 10 (complete reinstall with a format of the disk) and reinstalled P3D v4.5 hotfix. Is there another dll.xml location that I am not looking at? I only know of the two mentioned above. Also with no entry in either, should it be even possible that EF appears to be running normally? The issue I am having is that since the install my "magic" is gone from my system. I never had an issue at all but now I am seeing my CPU running at 100% all the time in P3D. I only have PMDG 737 and Aerosoft Airbus Pro installed at this time. The problem is with both of those and any default aircraft. I was able to run EF texture setting at 1024 at 25-30 fps with a CPU load of around 60%.... I use AS for weather, do not start SF, and use ONLY EF for anythign shader related. I have never had any other shader program loaded on this computer. Here is a link to another post I made with all my system settings and yes P3D, SF, EF and AS are all set up exactly as they were before I reloaded everything. I must have erased the magic from my PC
  7. These clouds are too orange at dusk too! https://www.google.com/search?q=orange+clouds+at+dusk&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS819US819&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiEtLi1kpnjAhUPsJ4KHcgsAAQQ_AUIECgB&biw=1920&bih=975
  8. I thought I would post this because i am baffled. Not only by some of the performance issues raised here but with almost every addon I have. It is making me think that my system has some sort of black magic making it work. Now, I am not a frame rate hog. I don't care to get 50+ fps. For years now I have understood that when I go to an IMAX movie and come out hooting and hollering and high fiving everyone because it was the best cinematic experience I have ever beheld, I am watching 24 fps. That's it. 24. Not 30 or 60 but 24. So, I used Nvidia to clock my 49 inch Sanyo to 1080i at a 30 MHz refresh rate, vsynched P3D and locked frames at 30. My thought is that every ounce of GPU/CPU that I was trying to use to chase >30 frames was going to go to more wow factor in the game. In my case, with my black magic system I was right. Here are my specs I7 2600K 3.4 GHz CPU clocked to 4.3 I think. GPU....hold your breath...GTX670 I can't even remember who made it, but it was supposedly overclocked out of the box and I have not touched it (I like to fly not tweak) 16 GB Ram MB z68 Gen3 My settings for EF are simple. Everytime I have installed it I set the texture resolution to 1024 (clouds are supposed to be fuzzy) and run automode with Enable WxSmoothing and Real Time Data Read both OFF, everything else on. No other shader program. Here are my P3D settings and a snap of GPU and CPUz With this, no matter what plane I use and what addon airport I fly into and out of I get 23-30 frames, smooth. I have almost all of ORBX stuff, and Pilots Mesh. PMDG, Leonardo, Aerosoft Airbus, Captain Sim 757, Dash 8, QW787, AS CRJ etc. They all give me great results in the 23-30 fps range, more importantly SMOOTH. I know I need a new system, but I am in no hurry. Maybe I will pick up a new Jetline Systems show computer next year in Vegas. Also, as you can probably tell, I am no expert, nor try or want to be one, when I it comes to gaming systems. I do not tweak much if any at all. I concentrate on my in sim experience that is it.
  9. Sure you will. I fly with folks using FS2004, FSX, XPlane, P3D V1, 2 and 3 as well as the V4-4.5 guys.
  10. Also, I suggest a screen shot instead of a phone shot of the screen.
  11. What problem? Is it the weather report? I cannot read it to tell if it is. Is it the two sections that say Waiting? If so that is normal, unless a weather change causes the lighting or water to change. We need some help to help.
  12. Just remember that it probably took 2 months to get FSX set up right too. I see the same thing being reported from a friend who is moving to XPlane. I am actually glad that we have the ability to get things set just right for our particular sims, systems and tastes. There are not many programs out there that allow that to happen.
  13. Jarek I think he was referring to the MINI UI window in P3D. I too have had this same question...Can you make it so the MINI UI is in minimized mode when P3D starts?
  14. I only see that when I forgot to actually start EF before starting P3D....
  15. So I have been using EF since day one. On day one and with the 1.0 fix, I had to turn off HDR in EF and everything worked fine. Since 1.1 I don't have to turn anything off, just run in automode and let AS and EF do it's thing (EF of course doing it's thing plus the SkyForce thing). I have looked at every thread and one common problem I see is that many are tying to use a shader program to tweak their P3D then using another shader program (EF) to tweak the tweaks in their shaders. I see very little with regards to issues for folks that use P3D, AS, SF, and EF with no other shader system. It reminded me of guitar players because I am one of those crazy people too. We are always chasing tone whith guitars. We buy new pickups beause Jimmy Hendrix or somone else used them, then we put in new pots and use certain cables and cable lenghths, round wound strings and flat round ones, nickel and stainless. We put effects pedals in and constantly add/takeaway from them, then get up during a gig and go nuts because a battery ran out on the fuzz pedal and it's not true bypass so the wah is out of whack. We adjust treble, base and mids on our amps, then on twenty different pedals and after all that we run the whole shebang through an equalizer to jigger with tone some more. We spend more time fiddling with knobs than plucking strings. Aren't we doing the same thing with our sim? Simpler is almost always, in the end better. I love EF, running it on auto. I contemplated for about two months if I was going to get Tomatoe Shade or Envshade. Now I know that I will not. For me my sky view out of the cockpit is all that really matters. I don't care if my livery is PBR or not because the only time I know I am using it is when I install it. I don't care how he glint looks on my wing. I started simming with BAO when everything was black with green lines. If there are any other guitar players out there who are trying to get that perfect ZZ Top tone for Jesus Left Chicago, remember, they recorded their guitars with a mic'ed 15 Watt Champ...lol you can't get any simpler than that. Thanks REX for EF and making my simming simpler!
  16. This is a serious question I have been wondering about. I have never used any shader program such as Tomato Shade or ENV. The only thing I have ever done with shaders is delete them when I install something new. My question is, in my situation with no other shader program, is there any reason to use one if I am using EF?
  17. On my system, running EF in Auto Mode, my nights go back to what I consider normal by turning off HDR in the mini UI of EF P3D v4.5 HDR turned ON Sky Force (not running) Environment Force Running on Auto HDR Turned ***OFF*** However, after another read of the manual, I see on page 55 that HDR "must remain ON when HDR is on in the simulator". Since turning off HDR from the mini UI takes me back to what I perceive as a normal night environment, what negative does having it on in the sim and off in EF do? Would it be more recommended to turn HDR off in the sim and on in EF, or is that even possible?
  18. Yes, it is confusing many issues. As you can tell from BMW969s question above that there is still confusion. Also your answer can be confusing to someone who just got the product today. You say there are two parts to the application, then list THREE, even though you put two of them on one line. This is the cruxt of the issue. If General Settings controls the operation of both operating modes (manual AND automatic), then logically it should be accessible from both modes. You should not have to switch from one mode to another to make settings changes. In fact, the way the interface is laid out, it appears that the only setting used in AUTO mode is the act of selecting Automode, with the obvious exceptions of the sliders present on that screen, none of which have to do with texture resolution. In fact note on Page 16 of the manual under Automation Mode: "The elements that are controlled by Automation Mode are: Clouds, Visibility, Water, Lighting, and Textures. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not manually adjust any cloud parameters while in automation mode." Notice that Textures are listed as CONTOLLED by Automation Mode. Controlled means controlled to me. Notice also that we are warned in big, bold, RED letters to not adjust any cloud paremeters in automation mode. Now is cloud textures a cloud paremeter? I don't know, it could be. How can this cause problems? Let's say you have a lower end system and the program defaults to 4096 textures. You buy the software and load up all giddy to enjoy a flight with your new ennvironment only to be shocked, dismayed and pissed off about your new frame rates and jittering. You are running automode and can't see where to change the textures. The manual tells you basically NOT to change cloud parameters. So you jump to a forum of you choice and tell everyone how bad EF sucks. Or, you have a very high end system and the textures are defaulted to 512 and now you jump on a forum to complain about the sucky appearance of textures and how EF has ruined all the fun of SF. Or somewhere in between. If the issue is clear to the developers and beta team, that is GREAT. However that does not help the vast majority of people. Compile that with forcibly making statements like the number of parts to the application, then having the statement actually not be logically correct and asking a condensending question, only serves to piss people off. Now to finish the point. EF starts with a choice. I don't want to Tweak or I love to Tweak. Then come to find out that if you dont' want to tweak you have to go tweak to make basic changes to the I don't want to tweak mode. However the manual does not meantion that and seems to say that if you are on automode, teaking cloud parameters, including textures, is highly frowned upon. See the confusion?
  19. You call this trying to help? Again, if you look at Auto Mode there is no setting for texture resolution in that UI. This is exactly what I was talking about, users chiming in thinking they are REX support and causing confusion that REX has to undo. As was pointed out, this injection of flippant answers only serves to further cause undo tech support issues. What is funny with you is how you assume someone is a millenial yet you use all the millenial catch phrases like "keyboard toughguy". I never said anything to you remotely considered "tough" by my generation. You were asked to stand down and allow REX to answer the question. This did not suit your ego. So how about this. I won't answer your questions, you don't answer mine. Are you mature enought to handle that?
  20. LOL, first of all you know nothing about me. Whether I am a millenial, or a retired Gunny from the Marine Corps. You have not a clue. However, we can tell a lot about you. As you must be aware, there was a lot of misinformation placed on this board by non REX personel. I asked a question of REX support. You and Vypr chiming in does nothing for my comfort level with your answers. It is that simple. You are mad I don't find comfort in your responses. For example, the response below That is a false statement. If you are running in AUTO mode there is no OVERALL settings area. Period. End of discussion. You HAVE to change modes. I have never, since the days of the TRS80, seen a program that makes you go into manual mode to make a setting switch, then back to auto mode. You are in one or the other. That being the case, I am suprised that this is the way to do it with EF. It is a first. Now that I heard it from REX, I trust the answer. I do not place my faith in the presumed ability of a non player. Again, there was too much disinformation regarding operation put out by users.
  21. So since I have to enter manual mode to get to the textures settings, this questions morphs into the following: What other parameters can be set in manual mode and held while operating in Auto Mode?
  22. Dude, it does not matter if it is easy, hard, or other. I want to know, from REX, where EF determines the resolution of textures it injects. I don't care how you think I do it or how simple you think it is. That was not the question. Since the manual does not address this issue, I want REX to put it out. I may change computers, video cards, what have you and I would like to have this knowledge firm for my use in the future. So bugger off and let REX answer my question. If I have a question for the peanut galler I will address it as such.
  23. It's less than a matter of believing anyone than needing some sanity in the forum. Too many people offering too many solutions, facts etc, and it makes actual support harder and makes the REX teams job harder because they have to undo many wrong concepts. This texture issue is one that should have been in the manual and not continued to be left to the testing of users and their perceptions. So let's let REX give the difinitive answers here and we will all have a better working product because of it. Going to manual mode to change settings and then reverting to auto mode makes ZERO sense at all. If that is the way it works then in fact we are all going to be operating on manual mode since you have to go there to make the adjustments. This may in fact be the way it works, but it would not be INTUITIVE for anyone. Frankly I don't want to spend time testing user theories when the forum is here for us to get straight answers from those that already know them.
  24. When EF is first started it asks you to run Tweak Free or I Love to Tweak, these are the Automatic Modes and the Manual Mode selections. If you just installed the program for the FIRST time and selected Tweak Free (Auto Mode), how does EF determine the resolution of the textures it will pull from SF? If you don't know the answer that is ok, there are REX Staff and programmers here that probably do. Making up an answer is not a sign of knowing. However I look forward to your next gif.
  25. First I want to commend REX for EF and the hard work they are doing to make sanity out of the board here. When running AUTO MODE on EF, what determines the resolution of the textures that are used? I know that if you are in manual mode you can select this resolution, but how does it work in AUTO mode? Is there any way to change the texture resolution that is used by EF when operating in Auto Mode?
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