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  1. ANSWERED Best compression for the TD textures

    Missed the notification for this. I would say my system is mid range at best, so I guess I will move back to 32 bit compression for now. I did not see much of a performance dip using DXT5 though.
  2. ANSWERED Best compression for the TD textures

    Good to know that ! I'll give DXT5 compression a go. Thanks for the tip !
  3. Hello I use REX TD+SC with P3D v4, alongside with ASP4. I was warned by a couple of my fellow simmers over at my VA, to be careful using the Cloud textures as ASP4 tends to draw multiple layers of clouds in some cases and this can lead to a big drop in framerates. There are 2 types of compression algorithms offered by REX, but I do not know which is better. I have currently used the low res textures supplied by REX along with 32bit compression. Are the DXT 5 or 32bit better for perfromance ? Thanks
  4. Support Verification

    Purchased REX 4 TD with Soft Clouds here on the res store. Order number : CFQWEMCKO Thanks