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  1. I dont recall them ever missing an update target. Hope all is well.
  2. Good to hear. Lets hope there is some good news today. So, this will be followed by Weather Force, or will they be released concurrently ?
  3. Since this will be required to make full use of SkyForce, any update on release ?
  4. Any update on the REX store problems ?
  5. I think this will render the sky and cloud textures of REX TD obsolete. You can use the water and ground textures till the next REX Product comes out.
  6. fspilotshop download is live Disregard. False alarm.
  7. https://www.fspilotshop.com/REX-skyforce-for-fsx-and-p3d-p-7064.html $45 without any discount !
  8. After the joke that was the CS757 release, I hope REX are reasonable with the pricing.
  9. Best part is it will get announced on facebook before here lol.
  10. Hello Tim, I have read both the manual and gone through the website, and I do not see anything mentioned about what happens when the sim is out of sync with real world time. I ask beacuse with current P3D DL performance, and PMDG refusing to implement non DL lights, it is a pain to fly in the night. So most of my flights are simulated in the day time. Will there also be an option to set weather themes or custom weather in the future ? Look forward to the release, best of luck !
  11. Haha. Very good question indeed. Both REX and PMDG are blaming the other for not cooperating. Me, personally, I am inclined to believe REX over PMDG. Source : PMDG Thread on avsim, check the last comment by the PMDG.
  12. What happens if I decide to load the sim up on a different date / time than present ?
  13. I see there is a lot of overlap between the current Product Lineup. Once you get SkyForce, REX TD+SC is almost an obsolete product. Will current owners of REX TD+SC be given some discount ?
  14. +1 for Historical Weather and custom weather !
  15. For the PMDG radar and enroute winds, it might have to be worked upon by PMDG I think. Aerosoft and Majestic Wx radars work with all weather engines, whereas PMDG uses the Active Sky API.