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  1. Should REX 5 Environment Force be running and minimized after my Themes are installed or should it be closed after my Theme install?
  2. It seems to have been an install issue with validation. Seems fixed now. Does Sky Force and Environment Force need to be minimized or can they be closed after textures, shaders etc are loaded into Prepare 3D v4?
  3. Pd3 v4 was working fine until I installed REX 5 Environment. Sky Force 3D was working for the year with no problems. There seems to be issues with REX 5 Environment. PD3v4 hangs and load times are ridiculous. Will further investigate.
  4. Actually at the download page it says I should have one of these REQUIREMENTS REX 4 Texture Direct – SP6 Hotfix 4 (Build: 4.6.2016.0928) OR REX 4 Texture Direct – SP6 Hotfix 5 (Build: 4.6.2017.0725) (If you do not currently have either of these builds installed, please download the latest full version from the store you purchased REX Texture Direct from.) Well I don't have either of these two versions I have what Steam gives us. So where is my download please?
  5. I have Soft Clouds and REX Texture Direct but they were not packaged together they are separate items bought separately at that time.
  6. I have the Steam FSX Version and signed up got the link to the download for REX 4 Enhancement downloaded opened in a folder ran installer as Admin and nothing.It installed somewhere didn't ask for a location just installed it somewhere. Didn't ask for REX 4 location in Steam. Any ideas?
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