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  1. Followed above suggestion, installed DirectX Library, finally all is well. A big thank you to Naruto-kun. I've gone without this for 5 months. Just out of curiosity, why is this library required, as the nVidia driver set should be complete, as should DirectX in Windows 10 v1809, or was something deleted during a Windows 10 upgrade? Thanks again!
  2. I to have this same issue as evident from my original post, see post dated December 25th. 2018, which REX has shown as "Resolved", but as of this date is not. After, uninstalling several times and then removing all registry entries Wx Radar, then complete install of Radar software, all I get is black where radar should be, no add-on reference to Wx Radar in FSX pull-down, no control hot spots, and module refers to MV_WXM.dll as MV_WXMM.dll. Installed lastest software wxradar_20181220.zip. Have let software do an auto install, as well as I've done a manual install, all with no change. Planes used are Flysimware Lear 35, and MU-2, as well as Xtreme Prototype Lear 25, all pre-configured panels to except Wx Radar. Lastly went so far as to buy another licence, thinking I had exceeded too many reinstalls. So REX, really could stand some help here. Thanks in advance. Computer spec's are outlined in earlier posts
  3. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 10.0.40219 2013 x64 12.0.21005 2013 x86 12.0.21005 2017 x64 14.13.26020 2017 x86 14.13.26020 These are the only 2 set of runtimes on the system. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks in advance.
  4. Wx Radar had been working on my FSX SP2 machine, but has stopped working now. After working on it during the holidays, I believe the problem is now related to my account not verifying software install, or too many installs trying to correct problem. I bought a second license, but I'm not sure of correct user name or email. The software installs are at best quirky. All installs install module file as "MV_WXMM.dll not MV_WXM.dll. Problem is, there is no MV_WXMM.dll. On other install attempts, it doesn't install gauge or module at all. and at the verification window, it puts an unknown user name all by it's self. I've gone though the Windows registry to clear out any reference to Wx Advantage, as well as a complete software un-install. It still puts an unknown user name in. I don't get any error window stating to many installs attempts. Not totally sure its actually verifying install, as it runs install right after hitting return key. You would think there would be a slight lag reaching out to REX servers to verify user and key number. Thoughts are welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  5. Tried manually installing, gauges and modules from their respective FSXSP2 folders, still not working. Question, is it possible I'm using wrong "user name" during installation process, or is user name not part of the authentication process. When installing SW, its putting a user name in by default, I have to add the email address, and key#. As mentioned before, allowing software to automate installation, it still puts an "M" after MV_WXM.dll, in other words, names file MV_WXMM.dll Thanks
  6. I don't run the radar management while running FSX, ever! I've been a long time user, I tried running radar in the stock MS FSX Learjet 45, same problem. Mostly though, I run Flysimware a/c, and they are pre-configured to run the Wx radar. Can you tell me which gauge, and module, I should be running, and where the installer would locate them. I thought it was odd it was loading MV.WXMM.dll when everything was calling for MV.WXM.dll. I'm familiar with where the actual FSXSP2 files reside. I spent almost 4 days during Xmas weekend trying to sus this issue. Anything else I can provide, let me know.
  7. I'll start off by saying this radar worked at one time, at least last spring. Problem Wx Radar will not run particularly with Flysimware products, MU2, Lear 35, and Falcon 50. I get black screen, no controls whatever with all a/c. Went so far as to buy another license, thinking I had re-installed too many times. Re-installed FSX w/ SP2, re-installed Wx Radar, re-installed all Flysimware, with no change. Observation: dll.xml calls for MV.WXM.dll but file in modules folder is WV.WXMM.dll. Have cleaned dll.xml file with editor, no joy. This system is Win 10 Pro 64b, ver 1809, FSX w/SP2, 32G dram. Latest nVidia drivers - 417.35, Wx Radar version 20181220. What I'm I missing? Any help would be great. I think I've read everything in the forum. All software installed as admin. No A/V running. Thanks in advance, and a Merry Christmas !
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