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  1. EDIT: Woops, I think I am already verified haha. My bad 🤣 Not sure if I need to do this also but may as well verify myself here too (I have sent an email to the support team already). REX SkyForce 3D Order: FSS0564987 Flight Sim Store Date: 5/2/2018 REX TextureDirect 4 Order: FSS0553656 Flight Sim Store Date: 26/8/2017 Need access to be able to download the full version (latest builds) as FSS no longer exists. Cheers,
  2. I am verified already but not sure if I need to re-verify if I buy a new product. Never the less. #FSS0564987 REX Sky Force 3D Purchased from The Flight Sim Store Thanks
  3. REX 4 Texture Direct Enhanced with Soft clouds Bundle Order #FSS0553656 Order Date: 26/8/17 Ordered from Flight Sim Store. Cheers,
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