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  1. No other weather app unless it's FSX maybe interfering. The only other add on would be either the LD 763 or the PMDG 738-9. I'm running the sim now and even when the sim is paused the flickering continues.
  2. Hi times, thanks for your reply, I'm using standard mode.
  3. Hey Guys, I'm getting white flickering at the top of my windscreen. It's sporadic lasting maybe 30 seconds, then stopping for a minute or two then starting up again. I've tried different settings including turning off lightning as I thought that may be causing it but it's still there. It also doesn't matter what AC I'm in. Any ideas? System: Cyberpro PC, i7700k, 4.20Ghz, x64, Win10, GTX 1050, FSX Thanks in advance, Jim
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