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  1. i saw and its crazy that at one point they said it my PC but i guess am not the only one with the problem as u can see other people encounter the same thing but they said its P3D and like i told them before i have use Rex4 texture with Softcloud and never had that issue.. even if i uses AS + ASCA i dont have that problem and i got the Rex5 cause its suppost to be better and all that but now i have those problem wich they say its P3D issue now so ill just go with the flow and post stuff as it come and i will mention it on HIFI to see if their software or P3D forum and see what P3D has to say about it cause i will show them this as they said its a P3D issue
  2. like i said before when i had Rex4 texture with softcloud i never had that problem and when i uses ASCA i never saw that either but here another encounter passing by a bad weather cloud that a common P3D issue ?
  3. how is it a common P3D issue how come people havent said anything till it happen to me and 3 other flight simmers ? when i had REX T/D with softclouds i had the same setting,PTA shaders and never had that problem so i got the new REX Sky Force and before this last update on REX Sky force i didnt have that problem..
  4. yea am using RD preset and i dont think its the setting cause i had Rex4 with soft cloud and never had this with same setting and preset ok so am not the one having this only problem... cause yesterday on the broadcast they did on twitch i brought this issue up and josh and another member of REX was saying they never had this problem that it was my PC or shader but my PC and setting are not the problem cause i have a very solid PC
  5. that only happen when there is bad weather and u go in on a Red Cell its dont happen in normal clouds or if its cloudy only happen when u go in a really bad weather cloud like u see on my screenshot am around a big Red Cell
  6. what can be the cause of that black trasparency when bad weather its around and u look in that angle ? is it Active sky or REX sky force ? as u can see the clouds ahead they dont have that problem
  7. is there a fix for this cause i dont see the moon t night start coming up at 5:50am
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