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  1. I've just installed new SF patch and i am really impressed again. There is no more transparent and strange "funny" looking clouds. Great work REX! You're the best.
  2. I've reinstalled EF patch.
  3. Hm I've just reinstalled latest hot fix and now everything is fine, FPS are back. Strange.
  4. So what should we do now? Wait for a quick hot fix? I'm not flying now, cause i'm waiting for some solutions.
  5. Hi, yes, I'm using automation mode in EF.
  6. So what's the plan here. Should we uninstall it for now and wait for a hot fix? Cause this is not flyable now.
  7. All of a sudden I have this problem too with AS+EF. 15 FPS max. If I don't start EF, I have 40-60 FPS. Strange thing is that I flew in the morning and FPS were fine. The weather was also almost the same as it is now. Is it afternoon problem? 🤣
  8. Hi, so what you are saying that now it is Sky Force fault and that this will be fixed in next hotfix of SF?
  9. Are clouds supposed to be transparent like this? They look like jellyfishes. 🤣😀
  10. Why there isn't any updates from developers what is going on? There wasn't even announcement for new technical update 1.1.1. or whatever do they call it. Just a little heads up maybe? 😏👼
  11. It will override the settings, but Fog mode should be set to off by default, cause it's more real then when it is set to manual (which is default setting of EF in auto mode).
  12. I've also seen this cirrus on the ground not close to the cirrus top/bottom.
  13. OK, I've also installed latest version couple of minutes after it came out (let's call it 1.1.1.), but what is this talking about version 1.0.0., 1.1.0., 1.1.1. Is this some kind of virtual versions, cause I only see Build Numbers. This is also really confused amongst the other things.
  14. No, it is for Auto mode in EF and setting in Mini UI should be set to Fog Mode Off and not Fog Mode Manual. And this is not saved in Last State tick.
  15. Saving fog mode parameter in a autostart config is a must.
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