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  1. No. After the program has been updated
  2. After updating and running EF I have to fill in the registration pop-up again. Surely that doesn't need to happen. Every other app can carry over your registration from one update to the next. It's a minor irritation but an irritation non the less. Also, is this counting as another of my activations?
  3. So, after an update, we have to dig out our activation details???? Really? This is so frustratingly amateurish
  4. Yes, editing the dll.xml file fixed the problem for me. Thanks
  5. Ok, I've found the problem and fixed it. Somewhere along the way the dll.xml file is getting butchered. This means EF cant parse the file and so can't add the EF entry. The opening <Launch.Addon> tag for ObjectFlow is getting deleted for some reason. When I insert it by hand everything starts to work. Hop this helps others
  6. dll.xml Note: No EF entry appears in this file for some reason. I did copy and paste an entry as shown in another thread but it made no difference. I have removed it again to show you what my dll.xml file contained after I installed EF.
  7. Thanks but it didn't help. It's as if my P3D and EF aren't speaking to each other. Moving the sliders in the main prog has no effect in the sim either
  8. backuplogfsx.txtbackuplogfsxse.txtbackuplogp3d3.txtbackuplogp3d4.txtrexenvforce.exe.config
  9. I just double checked and even after loading EF first the box still doesn't appear.
  10. Nope. Doesn't appear for me 😞
  11. Where is this supposed to be, in the Addons menu? Doesn't appear there for me. It doesn't say in the manual (unless I'm blind:-)) I'm not sure this is working for me at all because nothing happens when I move the sliders in the EF main application.
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