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  1. Tomato and PTA have additional features, such as cockpit, aircraft, and other lighting options, as well as a few odds-and-ends. Tomato also allows us to throw reflections on aircraft as well. I hope one day that EF will eliminate the need for other tools as it grows over time:-)
  2. Ok, but what I want to do is change the lighting in the clouds and terrain. I can't stand the way automatic mode looks. However, if I do make these changes, then they mess up the sim.
  3. Hi everyone, I tried adjusting some of the cloud lighting in MANUAL mode, through the UI, and through the EF main screen, but when I time preview or try to change the time in the sim, it stays daytime. The slider in the UI for time changing also disappeared. I also tried loading my saved preset, starting the sim at night, and it CTD while loading. Tried again and everything works fine but the UI isn't visible in the sim. Rebooted the PC, started again, repeated the process with the same results. This seems to be the normal process I need to go through. Is this a known problem, or am I doing something wrong? John
  4. Seems like that may be the case, but still- why do the clouds have to disappear like that? I thought the problem of gaps in the weather was resolved finally.
  5. I don't know if this was already discussed, but I'm noticing that the clouds disappear with the REX weather engine from time to time, I'm guessing it happens as they reload, but it's really annoying to have this happen 3-4 times in an 1 hour flight. Is there any way to eliminate these brief interruptions? John
  6. Hi folks, I've been playing with EF in the NGX, but I've noticed that there is no precipitation showing up on the radar. With ASP4 it works fine, but not with the REX engine. Any ideas how to fix it? I'd rather use REX because it renders clouds better than ASP4. Thanks, John
  7. Hi Reed, Yeah I did all of that. I ended up uninstalling EF, reinstalling client and starting fresh. I think it has always worked- but the bloom is so intense that it cancels out the effect. I turned off hdr in the UI, because even at the lowest settings, the bloom is too much in automation mode. if there's a way to add a function to dial back the bloom even more, it would be a great addition. Also, I think chaseplane fudges up the effects too. Sometimes when I'm in the vc and look at a bright area before looking forward again, the bloom doesn't fade properly (even after dialing back settings in the UI). After changing views and then cycling back things go back to normal. Turning off experimental versions in CP helps, but not always. So for now, HDR off is the only real solution that I know of unless you have any other suggestions. Thanks for being available to answer so many requests this week. This is going to be a great program. John
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I really want to darken the terrain a smidge because the automation mode is too bright for my taste. Can I play with the manual lighting in the UI and run it during automation mode? I read that we shouldn't mess with the cloud lighting in auto mode, but what about the other ones? Thanks, John
  9. Howdy Folks, I noticed that if I change the slider for scene lighting below 95%, the change is dramatic, and it jumps from one scene to another instantly. The cloud shadows disappear and the influence of the ralyiegh scattering effects are reduced significantly. Sometimes I can't tell if the cloud shadows on the ground disappear altogether. It seems like the brightness/bloom of the clouds gets switched with the brightness of the terrain when the scene "bumps" from 100 to 90ish % This happens in both modes, as well as when I use the UI in-sim or when I use the slider in the EF main manual settings.
  10. Hi guys, I'm using tomato and PTA to try and adjust the aircraft and VC lighting and shadows, but the changes don't take effect in the sim after EF is installed. I've tried to restore shaders, run P3D with and without EF and ran EF in automatic mode, and the results are the same. I also uninstalled EF, opened P3D, and everything was fine. So, this means that EF does something to my shaders even when the program isn't running? I want to find a way to adjust these components while running EF. Is this something that you can address. As it stands now, the only way I can diminish the cockpit lighting is to go into manual mode and lower the scene lighting, which of course, lowers the lighting of everything else. John
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