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  1. Thanks for the reply, and congrats on the upcoming release, I'm really looking forward to using it when it's ready. John
  2. I just read the release about Environment force, and its mention of being able to change shaders in-sim. I've been eagerly awaiting this type of functionality for a long time, and it's awesome to hear that REX is designing this type of feature. However, I was wondering if it's feasible to release it as a stand alone utility instead of waiting for it to be integrated into Environment force? First, I think that such a tool would be widely-popular, and second, we wouldn't have to wait for a couple of years, as we did for Skyforce to roll out, to start enjoying what that tool can offer. Just my two cents, John
  3. Posting for verification: REX store WCKIUSOEU, KFEVMDOFJ
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