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  1. I just looked at the site- halfway done with deployment, woo hoo. I wonder if this means that we had to wait for p3d 4.5 to come out before environment force could be released. Now that's out, so maybe we're almost there folks. Lickin' my chops in eager anticipation:-)
  2. Thanks for the news, glad things are moving along. What exactly does pre-deployment mean? Are we talking weeks or months before release? X-plane is beautiful but boring, P3D is awesome but ugly. You guys are hopefully primed to make that world more beautiful and easier to manipulate, and I want to enjoy that world before I leave this one lol. John
  3. Sorry- My sarcasm doesn't read as nicely as it sounds in the rw. Give us a taste of what we can expect- just a little??
  4. Great news and good luck on your progress. I don't know if I'll be around whenever this gets released- been waiting with baited breath for a very long time, and this has been a drawn-out tease. Moving forward with X-plane for a while, since much of what this offers can already be done over there. Wish you well.
  5. If it gets to Z, it'll probably happen when p3d v5 comes out lol...I vote you throw it out as a work in progress, with functionality added as kinks get worked out- once you get to Hotel cycle :-)
  6. Thanks for the reply, and congrats on the upcoming release, I'm really looking forward to using it when it's ready. John
  7. I just read the release about Environment force, and its mention of being able to change shaders in-sim. I've been eagerly awaiting this type of functionality for a long time, and it's awesome to hear that REX is designing this type of feature. However, I was wondering if it's feasible to release it as a stand alone utility instead of waiting for it to be integrated into Environment force? First, I think that such a tool would be widely-popular, and second, we wouldn't have to wait for a couple of years, as we did for Skyforce to roll out, to start enjoying what that tool can offer. Just my two cents, John
  8. Posting for verification: REX store WCKIUSOEU, KFEVMDOFJ
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