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  1. No loss of frames in clear weather just in overcast conditions. But it’s severe loss of frames with EF on (less than 20fps). That’s unheard of with an 8gb GPU... without EF on I get 45fps....
  2. What? Sorry to say but that sounds kinda silly. These are weather programs so it doesn’t make sense for them to work best under clear skies. That defeats the purpose of purchasing them... if you’re telling me that EF performance should be tested under clear weather with no clouds in sight I might as well just ask for a full refund of the product.
  3. UPDATE 2: So my frames at cruise just dipped below 20fps again. Not sure what’s going on...
  4. UPDATE: I turned off Dense overcast layer cloud control and reset EF. I am actually still at cruising altitude now. There is a thick overcast layer under me and I’m sitting at 30fps currently which is better than it was before (17fps) but still pretty iffy for my computer. I think something else is going on internally with EF. Sifting through the forums, there has been reports of dramatic loss of frames while using the program. It just sucks because you spend thousands and thousands of dollars building this beefy rig and a $30 weather add-on brings it to its knees. We need a fix for this ASAP!
  5. In EF I made sure they were the same; 1024. As far as the mini UI, it is performing as advertised, never had an issue with it. I usually keep it minimized and never touch it while simming.
  6. I just unticked the option as it was in fact enabled. I will see if this makes a difference in flight and report back
  7. First I would like to start out by listing hardware just so you know what I’m working with. -Intel i7-8700K -MSI RTX 2070 Duke 8gb -32gb Corsair Vengeance -Windows 10 64 bit -Prepar3D v4.4 Normally in sim I have ASP4 with SF running in the background. With SF I use 1024 textures even though I know my rig can handle more I really don’t see the need for HD textures I can never tell the difference. I also run UT Live and I have high quality ORBX scenery like most folks do. Before EF was released, I would normally see 40-60fps on the tarmac. After departing and while in cruise, my frames would stay at a constant 60fps (not locked, but synced with my monitor refresh rate). They would occasionally drop to 40fps if flying over a populous area like Chicago, or if SF created a monstrous supercell over the plains etc, but other than that it would stay at 60fps. After EF I hate to say but I’ve been having some FPS issues which is not normal for me given my rig swallows everything I throw at it. For example just this afternoon I was at FL410 somewhere over Nevada. I had just passed Las Vegas headed North. There was a medium sized thunderhead to my West and when I panned over my FPS were a cozy 55. Which is normal for my computer. Continuing along, EF had morphed the environment underneath me to project an overcast layer that stretched as far as the eye could see. Now, NORMALLY with just ASP4+SF I would get 35-50fps in this type of situation. But with EF now in the mix I saw a sluggish 17 FPS! That’s the lowest number id ever seen on my computer. So what I did was, close everything down and restart the exact same flight but without EF and even though the weather wasn’t exactly the same it was close enough and my performance was where it should have been. I think EF needs to be tweaked a little because 17fps is a long way off from 35fps which is the lowest my rig would ever slow down to with overcast layers. Somethings not right 🤔...
  8. Yup. That’s what I was trying to get at. Thank you sir.
  9. Not even. For my CPU it was 1024. Like I said each computer is completely different. You need to figure out your binary code and make it into an actual useful number. It’s just a bunch on ones and zeros. But if 85 works in your favor that’s great. But your binary code isn’t going to work on someone else’s PC.
  10. Ehhhh I wouldn’t put Job Scheduler on there. Everyone’s computer is different. Messing with that could give someone issues. 85 might work for you but probably won’t work for others depending on your CPU.
  11. I’m not the original poster to this thread but just wanted to let a dev know it’s happening in automatic mode as well.
  12. This is interesting because when I first started running EF, my computer started running really warm. Before it was super quiet but with EF my fans are really loud. I run an i7-8700K with a RTX 2070 and 32 gigs RAM. So I have a pretty powerful system. I usually get 60+FPS at cruise and 30+on the ground with ORBX add-ons and AS for weather. After EF my frames sometimes drop to 30fps at cruise which on anyone else’s system is really great performance but with my system it’s a 50% drop.
  13. Well guys I will admit, I am really disappointed with this release. I kinda feel like it was sorta rushed. I mean, SF took 2+ years and had some really lengthy delays as well. With EF, I feel like they really started cranking on it only about a year ago, maybe less. With this being said, I think the program just needs a little more time. Hopefully all of these issues get some attention. EF does have crazy potential to be one of the greatest add-ons to ever be created for P3D, but for now I feel like it’s just not there yet....
  14. Yup same deal! I have EF in auto mode and once I takeoff and start to climb, my visibility goes to literally nothing! I can’t see anything! Hopefully this issue get addressed because I can’t seem to make it go away changing any values with Active Sky. The problem seems to lie within EF.
  15. Just wanted to make the dev team aware that whenever I pan around in the VC, or on the outside spot view and a cirrus cloud structure is near the edge of the camera view, the cloud will quickly disappear and reappear as the camera moves around. This is with Cirrus overcast enabled with EF.
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