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  1. Hello Timest999, Can briefly you go through, what you do with Texture Direct to affect the Water, and not the Clouds for me? I'm confused... For instance, I start TD, set the Water effect I like but also have cloud settings, sun, runways settings etc that are saved as a theme. I set them all. I OK that and TD shuts down and automatically loads P3D. Do I only need to do that process once? Not use TD again? I then shut down P3D. Open Sky Force and fine tune the clouds. Is there any SF settings I need to make to keep the TD Water and Runways? I then open Environment Force. I then presume it uses the textures loaded by first by TD and SF? EF will also use the weather engine from SF, not the weather METAR it found as well? I then start P3D. Correct? Hopefully you can clear that up for me. Thanks, Aussie PS: regarding Runways. What takes precedence? TD or HD Airports or is it the last run?
  2. Congratulations on your new REX Web site! Very well done. Aussie
  3. 'Thanks for all the fish'!!! Do you know something the rest of us don't know Scott?? (For those who do not know, that is what the dolphins said shortly before they abandoned the planet to the construction of the galactic bypass) Very appreciative but time to move on. Hopefully, you are staying with us on this fantastic flight sim world. Cheers!! ….. and have another Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.
  4. Posting for Verification: REX4 Texture Direct REX Store HXDQFPLAL Aussie
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