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  1. I have to admit: After what seems a great amount of time and experimenting I have now abandoned SF as a weather engine, bit the bullet, and purchased AS4. AS4 and EF (while still utilising the textures from SF) seems to work well together. The pop-up clouds seems to have disappeared for me world-wide. I have turned off the top left sliders in EF. The two packages seem to play well together in Auto and Manual. I'm still experimenting. Aussie
  2. An update: I loaded SF and EF then P3d. I went into EF and put it on manual. I tried most of the sliders and yes, each one changed my default Fair weather view in P3d. I then set the P3D weather option to 'REX Weather' and returned to the external view. The view did clear slowly and the pressure rose to match the QNH. I tried a 2 hour flight, hoping I was heading into real time bad weather, at the destination, but by the time I got to the destination it had cleared to match my departure airfield. More testing today. Aussie
  3. Thanks for your response. I will try modifying the Manual settings in the Main UI today and observe the result. I'm an Automatic type of guy and set the package to that. Previously, I have only moved the slider from 5 minutes to 7 or 10 minutes. Same quick pop up of clouds. I'm really looking forward to seeing clouds evolve. I have try toggling the Fog in the mini UI (to see what it does) and that changed density. I'll report back. Aussie
  4. As instructed, I start Sky Force first, then EF, and lastly P3D v4.5HF. I have EF set to 6 minutes and use SF as the weather engine. I have never been able to get a smooth injection of clouds (or weather). I get the text saying something like 'starting WX station creation', then 'finished WX creation' and the clouds instantly pop up over the whole environment. (QNH and Temp do take about 1 minute to transition and stabilize though) Then I had a thought yesterday. Should I turn off the direct inject weather option in Sky Force, and only leave the SF weather engine on? Basically, can you tell a mug like me, what I should turn off and on, in each package, when you use them conjointly? Thanks Aussie
  5. Occasionally, I have problems with Orbx scenery after installing a new product. The problem generally fixes itself if I just go in and delete the P3D Shaders folder. The Folder and contents regenerates itself on next start up. I'm just wondering, does the button, up the top, in EF do the same thing? I haven't pressed it yet. Should I have any concerns? Do I need to Inject my SF Theme again or it that completely separate? Aussie
  6. I use Nortons and it hates anything new as well. It relies on community acceptance before it lets it through. Makes it difficult installing any hot fixes etc. With Nortons as soon as you unzip any newly released package, that you have downloaded, it deletes any exe file. To overcome this I have done as REX suggested. Create an empty TEMP folder on your desktop. Go into Nortons and exclude it from scans. Turn on Nortons silent mode for an hour. Then download and save the package into that desktop folder. Run the package as Admin from that folder. After you have done that I move the temp folder onto my storage drive and set up a new TEMP folder ready for the next update. I'd be interested in hearing from REX what the Mikey.98735 virus your detector is reporting. Norton's hasn't found that in later scans. Aussie
  7. Sound like a bad problem Michael. FYI: I use the Prosim-AR 737 PBR 2019 model in my P3D v4.5 cockpit. I have only flown about 4 hours with REX EF in AUTO mode and SF. I haven't experienced that problem? Maybe in time. Aussie
  8. My experience was the same on purchasing the new long awaited version of WA HD yesterday. I was hoping YSSY Sydney would be vastly improved as the main terminal looks like it is surfaced with FS95 textures. I guess I'll have to wait. Hope you are not addressing the airports alphabetically.
  9. Absolutely no problems here - thank you for asking. Still flying and exploring daily. TD integrates very well with Orbx scenery. I was worried that REX would overwrite new purchases from Orbx on every texture upload. It doesn't. Clouds and weather look great in P3D V4. Minimal change in FPS - if any. (Hard to tell now with how much new scenery I have on board) Thank you REX. Topic can be closed. Aussie
  10. Just wanted to let you and your Team know how happy I am with the TD Enhanced Edition. I had only purchased the TD a couple of weeks ago to put into a new PC with P3D V4 and I was very happy with it (after the initial confusion about the P3D V3/V4 button). Well, the upgrade appeared, as advertised, the day before yesterday. The download was painless and the installation ran perfectly. I have now spent the last two days exploring, changing and flying. TD integrates perfectly with Orbx, as you know, and the top half of the screen looks as good as the bottom. Time and season now produce wonderful frame friendly images. Congratulations and thank you. Aussie
  11. Roger, Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense. I am impressed with it's speed of creation and upload. A lot faster than the older FS9 version. Supplementary question: I am now purchasing specific airports from Orbx. They seem to have nice fine detail tarmac texture, taxiway edging and runway signage specific for that location. Is TD going to overwrite that? and will I loose it forever? Aussie
  12. I'm just trying to get a couple of things clear in my head. I had REX Environment+ etc on my FS9 cockpit and was quite happy for years. I have just set up a new PC with P3DV4 and now just added REX TD (Which is running very well by the way) I just don't understand how the REX weather conditions (after selecting the current conditions for an airfield) are injected into the Sim or if they are? The textures certainly are. When REX has done the texture generation, shut down and opened P3D, the weather panel quadrant in P3D opening screen shows the saved scenario weather. How do I get the current weather that REX generated? Thanks in advance. Aussie
  13. Hello Team, Not sure if this worked for Winston but I had the same problem and was very frustrated. I spotted a hint of a solution in the Public area (could not get access to this area of the Forum for many hours until I was Verified). I pointed to the existing V4 folder in the V3 folder box and left the V4 Radio Button checked. It started well. Very happy and am now exploring. Aussie
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