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  1. Thanks for your answer. Nevertheless I read that myself on every online shop before posting here and unfortunately I own a product without any "soft cloud" specifically written anywhere. Neither the name of the app, the clouds or any settings. Most probably I bought it before they put everything together as one product. How can I own "soft cloud" now without buying another copy of Texture direct.
  2. ... is the name of the app when I run it. Does it includes Soft Cloud ? I can't see anywhere if it does and I was wondering If I bought the full version or not when I did ( approximately 1 years ago ). I'm using FSX SE. Thanks !
  3. Alright i will do that now ! Thanks
  4. Any idea for me ? I found something about conflict with FSX from a previous installation so I will try that and see if it works.
  5. If I remember well yes I did but not 100% sure.
  6. Hey, I need some help regarding the textures installation from REX 4 Texture Direct that I bought on Steam with FSX Steam Edition. So my first chosen folder was the /FSX one in steamapps. It should be the good one and seems like the theme are charging correctly but clearly nothing change in the game. I even check in the folder but nothing get update at today's date. After checking at the forum I found something about selecting the DLC/379542 to charge the texture, but clearly it's not the solution as my FSX crash even before being open. So I am back to the beginning without solution. I would highly appreciate your help to make this product run ! PS: I will probably by the Soft cloud add on from steam as well so if this will change anything in the set up let me know now ^^
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