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  1. I purchased yesterday, REX Worldwide Airports HD for FSX to tweak and improve my airport scenery. After installing it and choosing my texture sets, I decided to try it on a flight, using my CLS A330-200 RR. Upon entering the sim, I noticed the scenery changes had been applied and was very impressed with it. I went into the 2-D cockpit view to get the jet ready for the flight, etc., when I noticed that the aircraft's lights weren't working, both inside and out. I also saw that some of the buttons and gauges in the cockpit weren't lighting up either. I did try other aircraft with the new airport sceneries, and they all seemed to work. I decided to uninstall and reinstall the CLS A330 to try and fix the problem, after thinking that REX would not be the root of the problem, because of the description on simmarket, assuring that it does not affect any aircraft. After reinstalling, I found the problem to be there still. I, then uninstalled the whole of FSX to see if that would have an effect, where I saw that the CLS A330 was working as normal. I, then reinstalled REX Worldwide Airports HD, when I noticed the problem recur. Please, if anybody has any information on this problem, could you help me get both addons to work in unison. Thanking you in advance, Dominic Scott.
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