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  1. Yes. I have other issues with the software now. Allan Roberts
  2. I am not sure how I can tell if the error message is coming from EF. I am downloading a new version of Sky Force from Simmarket and will install it as soon as I can. I have uninstalled the version I had. I am going to Australia later today for 11 days so may not be able to do much more with this issue until I get back to NZ on 19th June. Regards and thanks for your help so far. Allan Roberts
  3. Hi Keith and Times999. I have reinstalled REX SkyForce which is a product I have used for some time now. I have reinstalled Environmental Force also but it is still very slow to load. I am trying to use the Automation Mode and I now have the following error message. "Microsoft.NET Framework unhandled exception. Value "0" is not a valid value for interval. Interval must be greater than "0." I am running P3d V4.5 Academic version and REX SkyForce version 5.0.2018.0520. My REX Environmental Force version is 5.0.2019.0517. I am running Windows 10 x 64 with an intel i7-6700CPU @ 4.00 GHz. I also have 16.0GB of Ram. While I am familiar with P3D , I am quite new to this weather technology and shall be grateful if you have any ideas as to how I should proceed. Regards, Allan Roberts
  4. I am having great difficulty in getting Environment Force to operate. Is it a stand alone product or do I need a weather engine?
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