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  1. Federico hello. I did as you advise but no way. The only solution is to turn off the HDR in mini UI George
  2. Updated to the latest version 2.0 this morning and still need to turn HDR off in mini UI because is STILL TOO BRIGHT. TURNING IT OFF looks as it has to be Whats next? Thank you, Georgios
  3. Yea sure please tell me how I can prepare it so you can access it please. also have a look in my settings George
  4. Hi, the only issue I have is without EF the brightness is ok BUT with EF it looks brighter than normal. In mini UI I turn HDR off but still brighter. George
  5. Hi, I can confirm on my side, turning off the debug mode in EF, with PMDG aircraft model the p3d4.5 HF1 is loading as normal. George
  6. Hello again. After I uninstall both REX Skyforce 3D and EF my P3D is loading a scenario as fast as a racket. Guys at REX please Do something Georgios
  7. Hi, same problem here too. Default aircraft loads in any scenario but not PMDG. Just black screen and nothing happens. Have to end p3d4.5 from the Task Manager. The REX skyforce 3d still waiting for the update and needs a code . Please Help Georgios
  8. Always welcome and I’m giving you Guys 10 points of 10 for your Skyforce3D and Environmental Products. Georgios
  9. Hello, just installed the update as advised and so far so perfect. In Auto mode without adjusting any slider. The issue of HDR on my side is been perfectly resolved. A flight from Mallorca to Malta Riga performs excellent. Thank you REX Team. George
  10. Hi, seems ok for me too but next time, even if you save it, you load a flight, the HDR in mini UI returns back to on again. George
  11. Thank you, hopefully they fix this in the upcoming update. George
  12. Hi, the solution for now is just to turn HDR off in the REX UI while loading the flight. Need to adjust it every time I start a flight while it can’t be saved as I understood. Otherwise everything is tooo bright Grorge
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