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  1. Anthony Geinopolos

    ANSWERED REX Sky Force is Absolutely Brilliant!!

    Thx its very awsome program
  2. Anthony Geinopolos

    ANSWERED Best sky texture

    Eavry one the is in SF3D lol
  3. Anthony Geinopolos

    REXPLANE Who's going to fsexpo

    Who is going to fsexpo in vegas baby
  4. Hey I know skyforce has tornados but it will be awsome if there is waterspouts added also in the future
  5. Anthony Geinopolos

    Tornadoes in south

    Did you guys here about those tornadoes in alabama could have been awsome to see it in skyforce
  6. Any new update 

  7. Anthony Geinopolos

    REX SKY FORCE 3D Awsome wind and wx site

    Found this really sweet website check it out to work with SF3D windy. com
  8. Am i on beta team 

  9. Anthony Geinopolos

    MORE INFO NEEDED Skyforce Paypal confirmation received but no serial

    I suggest you send them a support tix please for your issue
  10. Anthony Geinopolos

    Support Verification

    REX store REX skyforce KCMOSKVBY
  11. Anthony Geinopolos

    INQUIRY Thanks to the REX TEAM, and Happy New Year!

    Same here you guys are AWSOME
  12. Release late tonight or tomorrow morning 

  13. Anthony Geinopolos

    REX Enhanced Editions

    When is the next update