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  1. Go into your ASv4 settings and set the view distance so it's shorter than the cloud draw distance, this should make it so the clouds merge through the fog instead of just appear.
  2. Same problem as this thread. However i've found a work around, it appears if i make sure ET is set to auto and i load the default F22 first it works no problems.
  3. Will it include a fix for the issues ET causes to PMDG aircraft?
  4. From my understanding it's currently being checked by Dovetail Games, once they give it the green light the steam edition will be updated via steam automatically.
  5. Hi sorry for late reply, I don't know what's happened but it seems to be working now, I'm wondering if my COMODO was blocking it somehow?
  6. Hi, I've tried it both ways but same effect, runways and taxiways will change but terminla building wont, is there away i can delete the file manually and start over?
  7. No everything is WWA except for the cones which are GSX, However I did previously use REX 4 texture direct for my airport ground textures, I wonder if something has been left over and is conflicting?
  8. As you can see in the image the terminal is wrapped with (Buildings and facilities 2 texture set 1) instead of what I selected. (Buildings and facilities 2 texture set 2)
  9. Hi I'm testing at East Midlands Airport, EGNX Please find attached the other bits you needed. installmodellog.txt installtexturelog.txt
  10. Got a problem I can't figure out. Got HD airports about 2 months back, made my texture selections and installed them, now I want to change them so i make my selections and install, the runways, taxi ways and jetways change just fine but the textures for the terminal buildings are still the same, running the installer again still wont apply my selected changes. any ideas? Thanks.
  11. Ok cool, you guys have done a fantastic job of the Salt Lake Airport, I can't wait to see more airports done like this.
  12. I too would like to know this, the steam version is 4.6.2016.0210 and is the latest on Steam at the moment, but then the update thread says it supports the steam version but also says it requires either REX 4 Texture Direct – SP6 Hotfix 4 (Build: 4.6.2016.0928) or REX 4 Texture Direct – SP6 Hotfix 5 (Build: 4.6.2017.0725) I don't understand what to do.
  13. Hi guys. Just wondering when we are going to see more of the enhanced airports being completed, HD airports has been out for a fair time but still only has Salt Lake available. Is there a time frame we can expect updates, are they going to be relased one by one or in packs of say 6 at once? Thanks.
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