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  1. what version of EF you have? In 517 should be an option/checkbox for that. No values, just a checkbox. If you have earlier versions that cannot be turned off.
  2. its the eye adaption effect. you need to turn it off in the EF mini UI
  3. This one i didnt encounter anymore after toggling "Enable 3d cloud morhping" and automatic texture sync. But the other problems in the other topic are very frequent. Basically every flight its the same.
  4. 1 & 2 i could fix by resetting to manufacure settings a few times 3. will do, thank you 4. i never tired it anymore. if i have the time i will and report back Ive got a few more, will open another topic
  5. i did that already right from the start. Never updated, i directly installed the full version
  6. Ive read about this a few times here already, personally i never saw it until this update. This didnt happen for me with 517. I have the feeling a lot of insider testers posted in standard forum instead of insider forum. Otherwise i cant understand why i suddenly get all those things that have been reported long time already. Heres a vid of the pumping clouds. Cant find the posts anymore so i dont know how to fix. Watch closley, the clouds change size (and back) 3 or 4 times in this short vid https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gmew5_MiTeDEvsrWQnLS9WOhwW4YhiD0
  7. Its not only on the 747 but on all PBR textures it seems....look at the house Here a vid. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iQ_jwgoF3R9vLrA5pgPR6-EGPDypzm4m That looks like the same problem with clouds, same kind of "blackOut"
  8. After getting P3D to run i turned of HDR and reset the shaders inside miniUI of EF. Now the problems are even bigger...
  9. Nice... after that CTD P3D doesnt start anymore... CTD before scenery load starts with Kernelbase error.
  10. Regarding 1), we need to monitor - can you provide more details? I flew out of KMIA, on ground it was still ok, when getting around 2k feet this started/starts 2) is a known issue in P3D when doing modding (PTA, EF, etc.) - google black clouds. I googled. And every single entry i saw is very old. P3D 3.3 and in most of the topics it was fixed with a clear of shaders or updated PTA. Well, i probably said this 10 times already and some ppl may sound like i want to brag about it but i can tell you that i fly a lot and more than that i LOOK a lot how my sims looks. When other ppl are busy handling their FSL im the one who looks at the scenery... Im a hardcore tweaker too and yet ive never see this. The first time i saw this is after installing the latest version of EF, at the very first flight with it, never before. Not once. If you watch the forum there are multiple others who report same. Ask them if they ever had this before. It can be that this is a problem that is around already but then again, for me it ONLY happens when using EF and that only in latest version. I can fly a thousand of hours with only Tomatoshade, Skyforce and Activesky and all is good. 4) This is weird. Ok, when does this happen? Always? We need more details on a replicable CTD It happens when clicking the option.
  11. 1. PBR Bugs Can be seen in those 2 pics. There is some weird metal effect now since the latest update. 2. Cloud shader bugs Guess i dont need many words here. Same as above, got introduced with new update. 3. Fog bugs. Where is fogmode auto? There is only off and manual. Maybe im dreaming but i thought there was an automode to choose before. The problem is that in none of both options the fog is right. Visibility is 10sm, still i can look 100km far. If i put it to manual it gets fully cleared and vis is unlimited. Not a slight haze even. 4. Lighting multipliers changes causes a ctd for me.... 5. Performance.... is noticeably lower as in 517 Intel 7700K (not oc) RTX 2080 (not oc) No heat problems Win 10 - 1903 16GB Ram 4.5 with hotfix Tomatoshade ActiveSky WeatherSmoothing OFF
  12. I wonder why you always say that.... If one could fly hundreds of flights without problems in overcast and suddenly the fps is 20 fps less in same condtions it simply makes no sense to compare fair weather.... If your apps dont do anything its a bit weird to compare in those states, isnt it. Just want to understand you background here. I (and many others) have reported same.
  13. I dont see any fogmode auto anymore... its either Off or Manual.
  14. ... that really starts to hit me....Just stop supporting them in forum if you really want to go that route. But let us use them if we want. With this version i cannot fly at all anymore. Where ive got 50 fps before i get 15 now. 18 fps.... with a RTX 2080, comeon. And not even in the cockpit, there it was 12 to 18 fps. I never, i mean never, saw this since i started fly in P3D, when in the outside cam over openLC territory. My GPU load was at whopping 90% when usually i have 35 to 50 % in overcast. Sorry guys, i really appreciate that you try but im about to loose it. Im afraid this will blow my lid one day. Multiple people reported low fps in the last insider version, still you release it like that. What is that? Did you stop listen to people or what is the reason that a version gets released where one person said "all fine, it works" and multiple others reported problems? 4.5 hotfix win 1903
  15. He talks about the ???? in the metar.
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