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  1. Any Update, we're in Sept now?
  2. Got the same issue immediate CTD when turning on the Wx Radar
  3. I had been away on business and have just tested the new hotfix which seems to have solved my immediate CTD will require more testing to be sure but so far so good...Thanks!
  4. Since there is a new version of P3d out now, I guess this is going nowhere. Hopefully the next .dll will work or the installer is fixed or whatever the heck was causing all the problems with incompatibility posted on this forum. I realize it's a moving target and REX has other projects competing for resources but I haven't been impressed at all with the support effort for the Advantage radar which is a brilliant product...when it works.
  5. I had the same problem when trying to remove the previous versions too.
  6. FYI, I think there is a lot of problems with the current .dll if you look at this board there seems to be a number of people with similar problems. The staff has been slow to respond so either they are not monitoring their own forums closely or they are busy working on a fix; hopefully the latter. I have since uninstalled the radar because for me the .dll is /was causing CTD which is obviously a showstopper, Good luck and hopefully they'l get this thing sorted fairly quick. I didn't notice how attached I had become to using this Wx Radar until I had to do without.
  7. I am running P3Dv3.4.18 and Advantage Radar SP1 HF1 (Uninstalled all previous versions and installed a fresh copy of the latest download from Simmarket) and get an Immediate CTD with the faulting module identified as the weather radar's .dll any time I try to turn on the radar unit, no matter what plane I use. I have since uninstalled the weather radar altogether because it crashed the sim from time to time even when I did not try to power on the unit inside the VC. I use AS16 real weather as my weather source. Can you please help me get this issue sorted out I'd like to use the radar again. Thanks, Robert
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