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  1. Order #1003685 REX SkyForce 3D for FSX and P3D FSPilotShop
  2. I'm in the boat as you michelh....... X-plane 11 needs REX for sure. I'll go ahead and pay now and you can just send me an email when you have REX Sky Force 3D ready for X-Plane 11. Hurry!
  3. posting to get verified.........FSpilotshop Order #879161 for REX4 Texture Direct HD with REX Soft Clouds Order #876715 for REX - Soft Clouds for FSX & P3D Order #876615 for REX Essential Plus w/ OverDrive
  4. How do I post to gain support? I have been a member for a day and the only place I can post is in here? I have all purchase information for Rex4. Thanks
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