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  1. For now You can closed it, but i will wait for the update to check if issue will be resolve.
  2. Thanks. I will wait for Your response.
  3. Version 5.151 with default configuration. I only use it for mjc dash8-400 and when i sometimes when i fly on IVAO network. If You need I can do a test according to your settings (send me only a .ini file)
  4. I can confirm that i don't use any other addons that can influence the haze. My full list of addons: - FSUIPC - RAAS PRO - GSX - PrecipitFX - OPUS FSI (but it was not used to check the haze effect) - ORBX and other airports - PMDG, QW787, CS757, MajesticDash
  5. I don't use any shader programs.
  6. Unfortunately even with Tier 2 Tech Support problem still persist (last mail from 14.07 " We will have to investigate this further. I will address it with the team.").
  7. I don't use any other shader program so no improvement. Waiting for devs response.
  8. Hi. First screen default p3d v4.5 without any external weather program. Everything set to none (vis set to 40nm - 64km) in p3d weather advanced mode. Second screen exactly same condition with EF newest build. Drastically reduced visibility despite the fact that visibility is set to 64nm - 100km in EF.
  9. I'm using OPUSFSI weather engine. Option i EF set to automation with enable smoothing options to on. On ground i stay more then 10min to set the airplane. After take off climbing with 8000+ft/min and finally on FL360 speed as you can see on screen. If i only set the smoothing option to off everything is going back to normal. P3D 4.5Hotfix, tested with PMDG aircraft. Below my screen and another topic with this problem.
  10. Hello. When we can expect further corrections with the speed of airplanes and haze effect ?
  11. Hi. Finnaly i have got some more free time to tests. Theese are the screens from P3D 4.5 Fix1. As you can see in the air with off or manual the visibility is really poor (vis set to unlimited in P3D).
  12. One more thing to mention. In my case there is almost no differnces between "manual" and "off" on cruising altitude, but when i'm on the ground the change form "manual" to "off" is clearly visible. I will later add more screens from my P3D.
  13. Hi. Yes i try the new version but problem with haze is still persist. Below pictures: Clear sky with unlimited visibility.
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