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  1. Dear team

    I am running Prepare3D Pro v3.4.14.18870 (bought 2 weeks ago), successfully installed on Win10/16GB.

    Today I bought REX Essentiell Plus Overdrive SP3 + Prepare3d Single fee.

    I also watched your corresponding Prepare3d installation video several times on you tube,

    set the Prepare3D path properly etc. BUTI still have NO INTERACTION WiTH PREP3D after launching
    it from REX. i.e. It always stays the same start up situation.
    What makes me wonder, is that REX still says in the Textures menu "You cannot install textures into Prepare3D until
    you have a valid licence key installed" BUT In my REX window header stands "licenced for FX and Prepare3D",
    could pls verify at your end if there is an activation problem ? Or do I need a higher REX version for this
    brandnew Prepare3D Pro v3.4.14.18870 (SimConnect

    I haven't got the faintest ideal where to start with given this situation.

    Many thanks

    Helmut - verified REX user

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