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  1. Ok but for example the second option is enable real time weather data read. Should this be enabled or disabled if using a third party weather engine i.e active sky? I'm just trying to run through a process of elimination as I've not had this issue until now which was the first time running EF with the new update.
  2. Just completed a flight into EGSS where the METAR according to active sky was overcast around 5000 feet with light rain. I landed in clear conditions with a few clouds on the horizon. On my Environment force settings have the first option disabled as it says to if using active sky.
  3. Ok I've gone back and run through all the sliders and they are working as they should. I must have been adjusting something previously that was not present due to the conditions or was only a subtle change.
  4. I'll give it a more extensive check to be sure but it didn't appear to be.
  5. If i adjust the sliders in the main interface i see the changes instantly. If i adjust settings in the mini menu in sim then nothing seems to change. Do i need to click recompile shaders for the changes to actually happen?
  6. I've resolved my issue by removing an older SQL. All seems to work fine now.
  7. I did the remove .dll step and then when i fired up the sim i found Active Sky kept crashing. Put the old dll file back and then AS worked again!
  8. Still having the same issues after that erroragain.txt
  9. I keep getting the following error coming up error.txt
  10. Essentially something that let's you use different textures at each airport. At the moment we can only use one set at a time so the runways for example are the same at both departure and destination. It would be great if you could put a database of all the airports against the texture sets. So for example you can set EHAM to use one specific set and LHBP another etc. Yes I appreciate i can load up a new theme for each flight but the textures would at the moment be the same at each end of it.
  11. Just wondering if there were any plans for or how feasible it would be to include a random option for the various texture sets? Would be nice to get some variance in the look of the departure and arrival airport.
  12. I went back to FSX and flew over the Danube in Budapest and it showed the correct river colour. In P3Dv4.1 it doesn't. Having said that there was a river I flew over in America where it did so I would suspect any problem is with whatever part of the flight sim defines what colour the water should be and not necessarily the REX textures not showing correctly! Interestingly I went back to FSX recently and noticed the same problem. Oddly though one or two rivers had the right colour but the others and lakes etc where all the same colour as the sea.
  13. In those shots REX textures are being used. In a later flight over North America I noticed one body of water displaying correctly. You can see that below the plane. Above the planes left wing though you will see a small body of water which is not the right colour. 2017-10-8_17-43-1-232.bmp
  14. The edges are fine now. That is not the problem. The problem now is the water colour is the same where ever. There are no inland water textures being shown. This is the Danube over Serbia it is the same colour as the sea! 2017-10-8_9-7-57-303.bmp 2017-10-8_9-8-4-772.bmp
  15. It's something I only noticed after installing REX. I haven't tried resetting default textures through REX. I can give that a go but it'll have to wait until the 8th October as I'm abroad at the moment! I've reset the textures and it's got rid of the border colour issue. The only thing left now is that all my water is the same colour. I'm not seeing different colours for the inland waters.
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