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  1. Thank you very much, I'll give it a try! I will let you know guys
  2. I still can't uninstall REX Essential Plus OD...Uninstallation stuck with no error messagge now and I have to reboot my Pc to sort it out! Any helps?? Thanks
  3. Thank you very much for your fast reply! To uninstall REX Essential Plus OD I simply go to control panel > Add/Remove programm and click on uninstall button...after a while where it seems the unistallation was stuck the error window you see in the screenshot I posted you appeared. One more question: as you say I might like some aspects of REX Essential, you mean could I use both (REX Essential Plus OD and Enhanced Edition) at the same time, in FSX? There's any kind of software conflicts?? For now I'm using REX Enhanced Edition and it works flawlessly! Thank you very much for your help, waiting for your news! Cheers, Riccardo F.
  4. I've just found another BIG ISSUE! I'm not able to remove REX Essential Plus Overdrive! An error window occured and then the message you see in the screenshot. Please help me!!!
  5. Hi all guys, just a quick question: I actually have REX Essential Plus Overdrive installed on my Pc, now I purchased and going to install the new REX Enhanced Edition with soft clouds, I'd like to know if I should remove the old version or this new one will do it by itself during the installation process. Forgive me for my stupid question, waiting for your news! Thanks! Cheers, Riccardo F.
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