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  1. Tim, Have created an account as you requested Havv. Ted.
  2. Hi Tim, I have REX 2.0 currently installed. My brother installed it when we were building my flt sim computer a few years ago. I believe he installed it from the download process. He's now deceased and I don't have any discs from him. The REX 2.9 includes WASys, weather radar, that also doesn't work anymore. It doesn't download the weather. I keep getting a fire wall alert saying REX is trying to download. I checked my firewall settings and REX is set up to allow it through the firewall. it's just really frustrating, and I thought REX 4 would solve the issues. Ted
  3. Correction to my previous post; I have GSX, not GEX as stated before.
  4. I currently have REX2 and want to upgrade to REX4. I also have GEX and am wondering if I need to uninstall REX2 and GEX before installing REX4
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