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  1. High Iron, are you using FS Captain by any chance?
  2. 1.) Windows Operating System: Windows 7 2.) Antivirus/Malware Software: Windows Defender 3.) Firewall Software: Windows Defender 4.) Flight Simulator Platform: FSX with all updates 5.) Drive/Folder location where flight simulator installed: F:\ Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X 6.) Drive/Folder location where REX software installed: F:'\ REX Essential Plus Overdrive 7.) Do you have UAC (User Account Control) set to "never notify": Never Everything was working fine since your update to the servers until Friday at which point the weather was all messed up. It was pouring down rain all day on Saturday and REX showed the weather as being clear and sunny.
  3. Just confirmed, the latest build is:3.8.2014.1126/
  4. Standard mode and i am up to date with the software so it would be the latest build.
  5. Did some testing today (it's very rainy in New Jersey right now) and when I load up REX and fly out of a local airport near me, it shows that it's bright and sunny but yet it's been raining all day. I then boot up into a area in the mid west (checking with Weather.com) and it's showing bright sunshine but yet REX shows that it's thunderstorms. I deleted the metar file so that it would create a new one but the same thing keeps happing. It's like the reverse weather is being injected. If you were to check the weather near KSTL you would see that it's clear but yet the sim is showing thunderstorms. I've attached the Metar file hoping that you can figure out what's going on. metar_report.xml
  6. Looks like they need people who know what their doing! This has been done since Friday and it just keeps going. Losing a lot of respect and trust in this company!!!
  7. Thanks, I was going crazy here trying to figure out why it wasn't working.
  8. Everything worked fine the other day and this morning I boot up the computer to do a quick flight and went to load my flight plan into REX and when I click on the Flight Center the only option I have available is "use random weather themes". It will not allow me to click on the "use real weather data" button. In fact, the only option available is the "use random weather themes". Not sure what happened but would appreciate some help.
  9. Yes, it'sworking now, thank you.
  10. Everything was working fine since the initial install and then the other day, it stopped importing the upper winds. I've checked various airports and they all do the same thing, no upper winds. I've deleted my XML file so that it would reload and that didn't help either. I'm kind of lost as to what might be causing this issue. flightdetails.txt
  11. I'll just call the credit card company tomorrow (Monday) and cancel the transaction if nobody responds to this message!
  12. That's exactly what's happening to me!
  13. Just purchased this software this morning and have two issues: Order number: RMUIVGNBN 1) I've downloaded the installation software and go to download the purchased software and after I fill out the information and pick the location to store and the location to download, it shows all the CAB files at 100% downloaded but nothing is in drive/folder it downloaded to. 2) When I purchased this it was showing $34.95 which I paid and immediately after purchasing it, I go back to the store and it's listed at $24.47. Checking my invoice I paid the original $34.95 what's up with the price decrease immediately after purchasing it? Will I receive a refund?
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